House equipment for the pig farm

Monitor your feed costs and allow your company to grow

Automatic systems for pig houses

Roxell is a renowned manufacturer of systems for pig houses. The name ‘Roxell’ is synonymous with a set of quality and reliable pig systems. For years now, we have used our expertise and experience to launch innovative products.

Monitor feed costs

With a Roxell pig system, you’ll earn back the investment in no time. The advantage of our automated products is the reduction in feed costs. We can drastically reduce your costs, since all the processes are finely tuned to each other. A pig farmer spends approximately 70% of their production costs on feed. You would therefore be wise to keep this expense under control.

Complete line of housing equipment

Roxell also has a full line of systems for houses. All our products are built with the same high quality. They are always innovative and aim to help your company grow. By combining Roxell products, you can elevate the feed conversion and profitability of your company to a higher level:

  • Feeding
    Automated systems for the entire feeding process: feed bins, auger and transport systems, weigher-mixers, controllers and feed systems with drinking nipples
  • Heating
    A range of energy efficient heating devices for pig houses
  • Ventilation
    Optimal ventilation for pig houses 
Expertise in pig segments

Roxell has specific solutions for every pig type: 

Excellent results
The Roxell systems enable me to optimise the management of my houses. Each step in the feeding process is tailored to the needs of the animals. The materials used are durable and robust, and the digital output of the system provides me with the daily feed intake and growth of the animals. This way, we work much more efficiently and we can monitor productivity by optimising the feed conversion.
Joost Beel

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