Roxell, leadership through innovation™

Roxell is a market leader in automated feeding, drinking, nesting, heating and ventilation systems for poultry and pig companies. 

Worldwide, Roxell systems are highly valued for their excellent quality, durability and production results. Our innovative solutions are often groundbreaking and provide a premium response to the needs of our customers.


The head office is in Maldegem (Belgium). There are also production sites in Anderson (USA) and Klang (Malaysia). Roxell has a sales office in Moscow. In addition, we have an extensive network of distributors that stretches across every continent. Many of our distributors have been working with us for years. We select them based on their expertise and passion. Our employees support and train these distributors every day, so you, the user of our systems, can receive good service.

Roxell is a subsidiary of CTB, Inc. With an annual turnover of around 100 million euros, Roxell is an important partner in the CTB, Inc. network. 

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Innovation, a cornerstone of Roxell’s corporate culture

We’d like to give you a look behind the scenes at how Roxell succeeds each year in launching high-quality and innovative products on the market. An insight into how we develop new products and innovations.


Service, a responsibility Roxell takes seriously

You receive an extensive warranty on the products you purchase from Roxell. But Roxell does more than just develop and sell quality products. We also invest in customer service and support for distributors. 


The best distribution network in the sector

Roxell sells its systems for livestock houses through a network of distributors. You can find our products virtually over the entire world. We have a total of 165 distributors in 81 different countries.

What you can expect from a Roxell distributor:

  • loyal and reliable
  • strong knowledge of livestock management
  • excellent product knowledge
  • aware of the latest solutions
  • quick to answer questions and provide quotations
  • professional installations and after-sales service

You can find the distributor and contact person for your region on the following page: ‘Roxell worldwide’.   


History of Roxell

1967 – founded in Belgium

The founders of Chore-Time — Forrest Lee Ramser and Howard Brembeck — opened a subsidiary in Sijsele (BE). The first feeder pans for broilers and centerless augers were put on the market in Europe.

1969 – move to Maldegem

After 2 years, they outgrew the rented warehouse in Sijsele. They therefore invested in a new factory in Maldegem. This meant there was space for a department for developing new products for the poultry and pig markets.

1990 – the company is named Roxell

Roxell was given its current name. ‘Roxell’ is a combination of two words: ‘Rock’ as a metaphor for the solidity of the company. ‘Excellence’  to underscore our commitment to continually strive for excellence in all aspects of our activities.

1991 – Roxell opens an office in the USA

Roxell opened an office in the USA, so it could respond more rapidly to the American market.

2007 – opening of sales office in Moscow

Roxell opened a branch for the sales team in Russia.

2009 – founding of Roxell Malaysia

The poultry market in Asia was growing. Therefore, Roxell opened a site in Malaysia.

2012 – opening of test and development center

The innovation team was given extra space after the Roxell Innovations Center (RIC) was opened in Maldegem. 

2017 – Roxell celebrates its 50th anniversary

A celebratory moment for Roxell and its employees. Time to look back on what we’ve achieved in 50 years: 

  • launched 40 completely new systems
  • many of these systems became worldwide trendsetters, such as MiniMax, Boozzter and Natural Beak Smoothing. 
  • Roxell has become the authority in feeding and drinking systems for broilers and broiler breeders.
2017 to 2019 – big changes, locally and internationally

Roxell is expanding all its sites:

  • Maldegem: the construction of a modern head office 
  • Malaysia: a new building with a 6400 m² warehouse
  • USA: the factory is being extended and will be turned into a hub for the Americas.
2021 – acquisition of Holland Heater (NL)

Roxell acquires the Dutch company Holland Heater. Holland Heater designs and manufactures heating systems and fans for livestock houses and greenhouses.

Subsidiary of CTB, Inc. and Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Since 1999, Roxell is a subsidiary of CTB, Inc. This American group owns companies in the agricultural sector. Some of the companies build infrastructure for cereal production and livestock management. Others in the group offer solutions and software for processing meat, vegetables and fish. CTB, Inc. has an annual turnover of over 1 billion dollars.

CTB, Inc. itself is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. It is one of the most important investment companies in the world.

Roxell’s commitment to animal welfare

We have seen awareness of animal welfare increase across the world, among all players in the sector. Roxell is extremely pleased about this. However, Roxell has always focused on animal welfare. Because healthy, stress-free animals grow better. Read about the ways in which Roxell seeks to improve animal welfare.


Ethical business conduct

Roxell expects all its employees and business partners to do business in line with Roxell’s code of conduct. Each distributor, agent, contractor, supplier and employee of Roxell is expected to know these rules and adhere to them.