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Roxell has been renowned for its total feeding solution for decades. We have a wide range available for any type of house – whether poultry or pigs. Choose from systems that can be flexibly combined with each other. All systems deliver the right feed amount and composition to animals at the right time – completely automatically and with absolute minimum maintenance.

Roxell’s feeding solutions are top class and built to last. Those aren’t our words, that’s what livestock producers say about our products. Every Roxell product that goes to market is built with quality, reliability, and efficiency.

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Roxell products help you to master the feeding process: 

  • feed storage bins
  • auger and transport systems
  • weighers
  • registration systems
  • feed controllers 
  • feeding systems
Better feed conversion
Last year, Roxell installed the new Titan pans at our farm. Since then, we've used them for 3 flocks. The first thing you notice when you compare the old pan with the new pan is the difference in size. The new feeder pan is much larger, which is noticeable in the houses as more animals are able to feed at once. I've also noticed an increase in feed intake, because the larger pans result in the turkeys spilling less feed. The previous flocks also had improved feed conversions and, therefore, better end weights.
Alex Casteele

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