Automatic nest system for broiler breeders and commercial layers

Get the most out of a nest system, with ample space for comfortable nesting

Roxell offers the most spacious and comfortable nest available for chickens. Our developments are driven by research, which has allowed us to design a nest system offering the largest nesting space anywhere on the market. Research shows that this increases the capacity of the nest, so it can accommodate more hens, which then lay eggs more quickly. That means more eggs within the same time period.

Sturdiness – The nest is extremely long-lasting, thanks to a high-quality, well thought-through design and the use of robust materials, such as nest legs in tough stainless steel.

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Roxell attaches great importance to ensuring a healthy nesting environment for hens. To prevent hens from becoming broody and for hygiene reasons, hens need to leave the nest every day. The Roxell expulsion system encourages hens to leave the nesting area, in an animal-friendly way, so you can close the nest after they have left. The system gives the chickens a nudge, so they leave the nest peacefully. Learn more about the mechanism.

A nest system to meet your needs

Whether broiler breeders or commercial layers, there is a nest system for both types of poultry:

  • For broiler breeders, there is a Roxell nest system for any type of house layout, whether European or American style. A solution that offers flexibility in the design.
  • For commercial layers, we offer eight types of nest.
broiler breeders individual nest shenandoah US

For more information about broiler breeder and commercial layer nests, read about our nesting solutions.


Better finished products
When you compare the house systems, the difference is obvious: Roxell’s products are much better finished. We had confidence in them, so we chose Roxell’s group nest, LaiCa™ feeder pan, feed transport and drinking system. And we’re thoroughly pleased with this decision. We’re very satisfied with the installation and support we received from Sodimel and Roxell.

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