Automatic nest system for broiler breeders and commercial layers

Get the most out of a nest system with comfortable nest spaces

Spacious, comfortable and suited to every layout: this is what you can expect from our nest systems. Due to our significant investments in research and development, we can now offer you a complete nest range. For every size of house and every possible layout, regardless of the regional differences and the specific needs of the poultry farmer. With our latest nests, we are responding to the trend towards larger chicken breeds and higher stocking densities. Therefore, opting for a Roxell nest means investing in the future. 

All of Roxell’s products are robust and durable, and our nests are no exception. We can offer you this high-quality due to the well thought-through design and the use of robust materials.

The welfare of the chickens in the nest

The welfare of the chickens in the nest is a high priority for Roxell. To prevent hens from becoming broody and for hygiene reasons, hens need to leave the nest every day. Our latest nest concepts therefore include an automatic expulsion system, which stimulates the hens to leave the nest in an animal-friendly way

Select a nest system based on three criteria:

1. Type of chickens: 

2. Your region:

  • with an EU-style house layout: Koozii® group nests
  • with a US-style (or Louisiana-style) house layout: Shenandoah® individual or group nest 

3. Stocking density in house:

  • to increase the profitability and stocking density in an existing house: group nests with much more usable nest space

For more information about each nest type, select a nest system below.

broiler breeders koozii group nest automation laying nest
Better finished products
When you compare the house systems, the difference is obvious: Roxell’s products are much better finished. We had confidence in them, so we chose Roxell’s group nest, LaiCa™ feeder pan, feed transport and drinking system. And we’re thoroughly pleased with this decision. We’re very satisfied with the installation and support we received from Sodimel and Roxell.

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