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Shenandoah automatic nest for a US-style/Louisiana-style house

The Shenandoah® group nest is an automatic nest for broiler breeder houses with a Louisiana layout (US style). Most poultry farmers associate Shenandoah with the individual nest, which has been a market leader in the poultry world for decades. This group nest was designed by the same Shenandoah experts. They revamped the nest volume and enlarged the usable nest space by +50 %. The result: the house can handle a higher capacity, resulting in improved profitability

More nest space and increased profitability with the solid Shenandoah® reputation

Switching from an individual nest to this group nest is easy because no changes need to be made to the layout of the house. The house management is exactly the same as well. By offering more usable nest space, Shenandoah continues to support the growth ambitions of poultry farmers.


Features of the Shenandoah group nest

Increases nest acceptance and reduces out-of-nest eggs

nest box with plenty of space and oxygen

each nest box has 8 nest openings rather than 16, 18 or 20 – resulting in group areas that are adapted to the physique of today’s broiler breeders. The group areas are high, deep and wide. Ventilation is ensured in the nest due to the perforated AstroTurf mat.

attractive nest entrance

a step and short curtains protect the nest. For the hen, it’s an entrance to a safe space with shade, mimicking the conditions they prefer in nature.

Optimal nest hygiene and egg collection

unique, automatic expulsion system with a bar

the mechanism gently pushes the hens out of the nest and closes off the nest at night, keeping the nest much cleaner, which makes it more appealing to the hens. It also discourages brooding behavior.

wide egg belt in polyester and plastic with large perforations

indispensible in an antibiotic-free house due to ease of cleaning. There is no risk that fertile eggs will be contaminated with micro organisms. The plastic doesn’t stretch, which keeps the egg belt’s tension constant and results in little maintenance. The egg belt is made of polyester with a layer of plastic on the outside.

egg collection with no hairline cracks

the AstroTurf mat gently absorbs the impact of the eggs and then they are transported damage free via streamlined transition points to the egg collection table.

Group nest for a higher stocking density

more usable nest space, efficient layout

the nest box is just as long as the individual one (8 ft/2.4 m). The usable space increased in terms of width (1) and depth (2). The nest base is fully flat (3) and the nest layout is extremely efficient (4).

+50 % nest space or +30 hens

the combination of the extra available space and group compartments results in an average of 30 extra hens per nest box.

Small step from individual to group in the same house 

group nest has no impact on house layout

this Shenandoah group nest replaces the individual nest, with no impact on the feeding and drinking systems in the house. The management of the house also remains the same as usual.

Easy to maintain

plastic egg belt that doesn’t stretch

the egg belt’s tension remains constant and requires little maintenance.

winching nest

the nest can be winched up between flocks when cleaning the house.

Want to find out more about Shenandoah, the group nest for broiler breeders? Download the specifications or see our news section and our references.


Tested and validated by Cobb

The hens’ behavior in the group nest was extensively tested by Roxell at the Roxell test center and then in test houses in the USA. Breeding company Cobb thoroughly tested and analyzed the nest and expressed its satisfaction with this new group concept. Therefore, not only poultry farmers but also the breeding company Cobb have approved this new automatic nest.

Interested in the product specifications?

Download a handy overview with technical information.

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