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Drinkers for successful growth

Water and feed: there’s a clear relationship between the two in livestock rearing. The animals’ water intake determines how much they eat. For successful growth, both are essential. The results are clear: more kilograms of meat or a larger number of eggs. Roxell drinkers were developed in-house and are therefore optimally linked to our feed solutions. This allows you to get the most out of both investments.


The availability of clean and fresh water

is our main priority. A Roxell drinking system is therefore easy to control. Adjusting the water pressure, flushing or changing the height of the nipples are one-person jobs that can be carried out quickly and precisely.

Many different drinking solutions for chickens and pigs

You will find many different drinking solutions for chickens and pigs in our range, because every animal has different needs. It’s therefore essential to have a drinking system that takes the natural behavior and development into account. 

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Roxell drinkers are available in different versions: 

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Rearing turkeys
I also think that the Sparkcup is a good cup drinking system. The turkeys always have access to water in a way that is natural, and this is essential for achieving a good end result. The combination of the Roxell pans and the Sparkcup ensures a very good feed conversion of 2.34 and good consistency in the group.
Krzysztof Panasiuk
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