Roxell launches iQon™ full house controller in the Americas

Press release
27 September 2021

State-of-the-art and user-friendly controller for automated poultry companies


Roxell is launching the iQon™ full house controller* for poultry. With this new, advanced controller, you can manage your feeding, drinking, heating and ventilation systems centrally. The multitude of features for feeding and climate control are simple to use, which means you can easily streamline the daily tasks. With iQon, the systems run automatically. You can request a status update or make changes with your smartphone, tablet or laptop, even when you’re not on site. This innovative house computer connects all parts of your poultry company with state-of-the-art, user-friendly controls
*this product is available at Roxell distributors in North, Central and South America

The iQon full house controller consists of a controller and a large, built-in 12 inch touchscreen. The software has a clean layout and is easy to navigate, which makes managing the following functions intuitive. 

1. Powerful house computer for feed and water process

The following three functions improve the feeding process:

  1. First, you can divide your chickens into management groups. By setting different feed strategies per subgroup, you can feed your birds optimally. The data that is collected gives you an insight (detailed or high-level) into the results of your flocks, houses and site. You can always check the status, as well as gain new insights through comparisons. 
  2. The second useful feeding function is the feed curves. These curves gradually adjust the feed composition and volume during a flock. iQon will ensure the feed is weighed, mixed and delivered precisely according to your settings. Translate your feed strategy into curves and reuse them after successful flocks. 
  3. The third function is the clear daily schedule with the specified feeding, filling and, if desired, winching up times for the feed lines. You can quickly and easily adjust specific actions. 

Advanced feed management is now possible with the iQon full house computer. The other feed and water functions only enhance this efficiency. The computer enables automation that results in a higher return on investment, as you can optimally manage your feed process.

2. Robust climate control for an ideal living environment for poultry

iQon controls the air flow with high precision, so there is a homogeneous climate for your chickens throughout the entire house. Numerous parameters determine which type of ventilation you need at a given moment. 

  • The input from sensors provides exact measurements. You can install up to 16 temperature sensors indoors; also outdoors, you have the option of installing temperature and/or humidity sensors. 
  • iQon also uses an age curve. The ventilation levels are adjusted according to the age of the chickens. 
  • The built-in humidity controller controls the humidity in the house.

The intensity of the ventilation changes gradually and transitions seamlessly through three levels: minimum ventilation (1) for sufficient fresh air, transition ventilation (2) with fans and air inlets that create circulation, and tunnel ventilation (3) that creates the right amount of windchill. To ensure an extremely gradual transition, iQon creates clusters of up to 20 fan groups – 16 groups for standard fans and 4 groups for variable speed fans. Read more about the climate control with iQon.

The impact of climate control on the uniformity of a flock shouldn’t be underestimated. With the iQon full house computer, you can gain optimal control over the temperature, air quality and comfort of your chickens, which is essential for any results-oriented poultry company. 

3. Your poultry company is always connected and accessible to you

With the iQon #sharp connectivity module, you are always connected to your house computer via your smartphone, tablet or laptop and you can make adjustments wherever you are. This module also keeps your controller up to date with the latest features remotely.

Invest in increased biosecurity
Many controllers primarily control the house climate and only offer basic functions for feeding. iQon is different because there are extensive functions for each of the four processes — feed, water, heating and ventilation. You have many more options and therefore save on additional controllers. We discuss with the poultry farmer whether we will install one iQon per house or one central iQon for the entire site. In the second situation, a central main computer communicates with the houses, which each have a simplified secondary computer with no touchscreen. This set-up allows you to manage the entire site from one iQon computer, with or without overhead feed transport tubes. This is a good choice to ensure extra biosecurity and it allows you to get the most out of your investment.

Many poultry farmers aim to improve biosecurity and the iQon full house controller helps to achieve this in a concrete way.