Despite the weakening of the COVID-19 pandemic in some areas of the world, it remains very present in others. In addition, experts warn that a second wave of the pandemic could take place in the fall of 2020.
Health and safety are of the utmost importance

At Roxell, the health and safety of our employees, customers and other business partners are of the utmost importance. Organizing or attending large events increase the risk of contamination. We expect that the majority of our distributors and customers will refrain from visiting crowded events. Moreover, travel restrictions are still in place and it is highly unlikely that unlimited regional or intercontinental travel will resume shortly. 

Hence, Roxell has decided not to participate at or have its employees attend further trade exhibitions in 2020.

Instead, we will focus on individual interactions with our distributors and customers to discuss projects and new business opportunities, thereby using digital platforms or face-to-face meetings (when permitted). 

These are special times requiring alternative ways of communication but we hope that the situation will return to normal next year such that we will be able to meet our customers once more during exhibitions in 2021.