Optimal house ventilation for poultry and pig houses

Ventilation with outstanding performance and low energy use

Ventilation offering top performance – that is the best way to describe our ventilation system range. Independent tests have shown that Roxell house ventilation systems easily meet the relevant standards. On top of the high performance they deliver, they also use very little energy. That means you see more of the profit. 

With Roxell, you have a choice between ventilation systems. After all, poultry and pigs have different needs. Do you breed chickens, turkeys or pigs? What growth stage are they at? What is the local climate like? Asking these questions will help you to determine what kind of ventilation system you need. All of our systems are robust and reliable, delivering a high air quality and keeping your animals happy and healthy.

Discover our house ventilation range

If you are looking for an air supply, extraction or circulation system, Roxell has a solution for every type of house, whatever the dimensions and layout. You can build your own ventilation system to meet your stringent requirements:

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