Roxell launches Oxsano™ high-efficiency tunnel fan for economical energy consumption

Press release
27 June 2022
Corrosion proof fan with direct drive, variable speed motor improving performance and efficiency

Roxell is expanding its total range for poultry and pig houses with an Oxsano™ high-efficiency tunnel fan. This fan, with its unique design, focuses on economical energy consumption. The innovative direct drive motor is powerful and optimizes the air output in the house thanks to its variable speed capability.

This high-efficiency model is a sister product of Roxell's recently launched Oxsano™ high-capacity tunnel fan. Both tunnel fans are completely corrosion resistant due to a combination of black fiberglass and powder coated galvanized steel. With this expansion, Roxell becomes a prominent player in modernizing houses with innovative ventilation solutions.

Oxsano high-efficiency fiberglass tunnel fan

The high-efficiency fan has a unique, aerodynamic fan blade that provides great energy savings through flexible control. The Bess Lab test results at the University of Illinois prove the energy focus: 

  • at high speed, the airflow is 27 000 CFM*,
  • the energy consumption is 21.5 CFM/watt* which is significantly above the normal recommended value of 20 and is proof of energy efficiency.

*at 0.10” static pressure - Bess Lab test n° 22219 and 22198

These fans with a variable speed adjust their speed to the required ventilation capacity, which reduces energy consumption. The investment quickly pays for itself in a lower energy bill. Adaptable ventilation provides the flexibility to respond to the growth stages of chickens and changing weather conditions.

Oxsano high-capacity fiberglass tunnel fan

The high-capacity fan has an aerodynamic design and – just like the high-efficiency model – moves away from the traditional fixed speed. After all, the growth stages of chickens and changing weather conditions require ventilation that is flexible and can handle variation. With a variable speed, we provide the perfect answer to customized ventilation, which is also beneficial for energy consumption. Here too, the Bess Lab test results prove the combination of power and energy-conscious consumption: 

  • at high speed, the airflow is 30 600 CFM*, 
  • the energy consumption is 19.7 CFM/watt*, which corresponds to the normal recommended value.

*at 0.10” static pressure - Bess Lab test n° 21280 and 21285

In a house, high-capacity fans allow you to reduce the initial investment cost. When purchasing, you bundle the ventilation needs in a number of powerful appliances. The energy consumption is within modern standards. 

Innovative, durable and high-performance tunnel fans
Energy consumption is an important focus for a farmer to keep running costs under control. Because today, we don't know what energy prices will do in the long run. Variable speed fans are therefore a very sensible choice. Because a motor that always adjusts the speed to the actual need will consume much less energy. These 2 Oxsano fans are therefore a durable choice in the long term, also thanks to the corrosion-resistant materials. In addition, the direct drive motor completely eliminates the need to replace or repair a belt.
Frank Hartmann, Marketing Manager at Roxell