Evaporative cooling

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Evaporative cooling for air cooling in poultry and pig houses

Roxell’s evaporative cooling system, or pad cooling system, works by evaporating water to cool the inside of the house. Water is channeled vertically over frames containing filter pads. Air is then sucked in through the wet pads, causing the water to evaporate and the air to absorb the moisture. This process cools the airs. Roxell’s evaporative cooling system reduces the temperature in your houses.

Healthy chickens and pigs thanks to optimal cooling

Combine pad cooling with Roxell’s fans and air inlets to create a truly healthy environment in your houses. Every component has its own purpose: to supply, cool, circulate or extract the air. Roxell ventilation optimizes the climate of the house, improving the overall well-being of your animals.



Features of Roxell’s evaporative cooling system

Easy to install in any type of house

Evaporative cooling for any house

the cooling system can be integrated into practically any type of house, however large or small. For larger houses, additional evaporative cooling may be required around corners. But that’s not a problem with Roxell. We offer a special set for 90° corners. The filter pads also come in heights of 5 or 6 ft (1.52 or 1.82 m), offering a great deal of flexibility in the system design.

Minimal maintenance

Roxell’s evaporative cooling system can be installed to offer easy access in spaces requiring frequent maintenance.

High performance

Even distribution of moisture

water is distributed over the pads using a robust pump, so your cooling system performs at its best and is sure to cover the entire area.

Integrated water trough

a single-piece water trough catches the water from any leaks, ensuring no water escapes.

Discover our ventilation range for houses

Roxell offers the following total ventilation solutions for poultry and pig houses. Combine an evaporative cooling system with:



from 14 to 55 inches (from 36 to 140 cm)


for smooth maneuvering and tilting of vertical frames (curtains), inlets and tunnel doors

Air inlet valves

robust, galvanized steel construction

Want to find out more about our evaporative cooling system? Download the specifications.

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