Information for suppliers

What you need to know if you want to become a supplier for Roxell

Integrity, respect and trust, these are the three values Roxell upholds. They are an essential foundation for long-term relationships, including the ones we have with our suppliers. 


But becoming a supplier to Roxell is about more than just values. We want to give you an insight into how Roxell collaborates with its suppliers. This information is intended for companies that are interested in supplying raw materials or components to Roxell. It describes our expectations and includes a checklist with standards. For the Roxell buyers, it’s important that you read this page before contacting us. 


Roxell as worldwide buyer

Roxell is a world leader in house equipment for poultry and pig companies. The average turnover is 100 million euros and we have 3 production sites (Belgium, USA and Malaysia). 

  • The Roxell brand has a premium reputation. With our good name, we want to safeguard the superior quality, durability and performance of our products.
  • The site in Maldegem (BE) is the main buying center for Roxell worldwide. 
  • Roxell strives for long-term collaboration with a group of suppliers that perform at a high level.

Suppliers help us to reach our goal.

Roxell buys raw materials and components. A potential new supplier will always be evaluated according to the following 3 criteria:

  1. Do you offer high-quality raw materials and components?
  2. Is your supply process high performance enough to meet our requirements concerning product availability and price setting?
  3. Can you meet our set of conditions?

How you can become a supplier

To contact Roxell, you must follow this procedure:

  • Download the 3 documents on this page and read them thoroughly. They explain everything you need to know about how Roxell collaborates with its suppliers.
  • Do you agree with our approach? If so, fill in the contact form. Please state the type of product you are offering us.

Vendor manual

This document describes how Roxell collaborates with its suppliers on a practical level.

Ethical business conduct with Roxell

This document describes the Roxell code of conduct for its suppliers.

The general conditions for purchase and delivery conditions at Roxell

This document describes our general purchasing conditions.