Market trend: increased interest in overhead systems and feed bins results in improved biosecurity

9 October 2023

Animal health is a hot topic in the poultry and pig sectors. Outbreaks of Avian influenza and African swine fever have left a significant dent in profits in recent years. This is leading to increased interest in overhead systems. Ludo Bosschaerts goes into depth on the importance of investing in a quality and durable overhead system to increase biosecurity.

Using an overhead system means that feed trucks do not need to enter the farm’s site. The feed is delivered next to the fence in the large storage bins. From there, the overhead system transports the feed to the correct day bins at the houses. All transport is carried out overhead.

Installing an overhead system is a big step forwards in terms of biosecurity and a popular choice for protecting the health of the animals at the company. Improved animal health not only leads to lower veterinary bills, it also results in reduced feed costs. You want to do everything you can to avoid being forced to temporarily close your company due to avian flue or swine fever. That’s what makes it an important long-term investment to put better biosecurity in place.
Ludo Bosschaerts, Product Manager Roxell
Feed bins play an increasingly larger role in ensuring good biosecurity

Keeping bacteria and viruses out of the farm is an important aspect of a good health policy at a farm. Cleaning and disinfecting is another factor. Feed bins play an increasingly larger role in health policies. Good access to the inside of the feed bin is hugely important. The durable galvanized feed bins from Roxell have an entry hatch in the cone of the feed bin, so you can easily clean the inside of the bin. In addition, you have good access to the feed via a lid on the roof.

Save lots of time and effort with our solution for cleaning feed bins

It is very important to regularly clean your feed bins to ensure better feed quality and avoid mold. Roxell’s experts have developed a useful tool that offers a solution to aid cleaning and improve the general hygiene at your company. Our convenient solution for cleaning will save you lots of time and effort.

Steven Hendrickx, a broiler farmer from Izegem in Belgium explains how easy it is to clean the Roxell feed bins with our solution. Read the testimonial below:

Overhead system with feed supply through the feed bin roof

In response to changing market demands, Roxell developed an overhead system with feed supply through the feed bin roof, rather than through the feed bin lid. This means the feed bin lid remains accessible for inspections and feed bin cleaning. It is also available for both fixed and hanging overhead systems. A Flex Auger, which is optimized for all common types of poultry and pig feed, takes care of the transport. The same roof connection piece is used for the three overhead systems (FA75, 90 and 125) and is designed for both fixed (inlet attached to the feed bin roof) and hanging (inlet with drop tube) overhead systems. 

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