Roxell’s 360° portfolio as a solution to the challenging international market

26 June 2023

In these challenging times for our sector, Christophe Baillien, Sales Director Rest Of World, goes into further detail on how our 360° portfolio for every type of poultry and pig farmer can provide a solution in the current international market. Read the interview with Christophe below in which he discusses various trends, projects and our recently launched products:

Christophe, can you tell us a little more about some of the ongoing projects at Roxell?

“Of course! At the end of last year, we launched the Fortena™ chain feeding system for broiler breeders in the production period. This completes our total range for feeding, which now contains a solution for every type of poultry farmer. The launch was very well-received by our customers and distributors. We were able to start some great projects in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates. There are lots of interesting projects for Fortena in the pipeline. There is a lot of interest in the market and we are intensively promoting it with our international sales team.”

“With our famous pan feeding systems, we were already supplying the market with highly efficient feeding systems. When developing the chain feeding system, we focused on preventing food waste and creating an optimal feed conversion. The resulting product is spectacular. Fortena is not only a quality and durable product that meets Roxell’s high standards, but it also achieves a better result than the traditional chains on the market. The advantage of a chain feeding system is the ease of use and  accessibility for poultry start-ups in a growing market. This is an example of how we’re using our extensive 360° portfolio to respond to the needs of every type of poultry farmer — whether that’s a new or experienced poultry farmer.”

Last year, we had a number of major product launches. How are the sales going?

“One of the most important product launches was the Oxsano™ tunnel fan, as Roxell had not yet built a name for itself in the ventilation systems market. With the launch of a new tunnel fan, we are trying to change this. We have been working hard on broadening the range for ten years to be able to offer a total range. Oxsano is focused on economical energy consumption. Today’s high energy prices make this a very wise choice.

Right off the bat, Oxsano sold well in the Middle East, North-Africa and Mexico. We have also received positive feedback on this product in countries such as Thailand and the Philippines. We hope to be able to continue this positive trend and appeal to new markets where we previously had little presence in the ventilation sector.”

“Two years ago, Roxell announced the acquisition of Holland Heater. With this acquisition, we gained 45 years of experience, ensuring that Roxell can continue to strengthen its heating segment. As a result of the integration of Holland Heater within Roxell, we made almost triple the number of sales of our Siroc range in the first quarter of this year, compared with the first quarter of last year. A large part of this is due to the overwhelming popularity of the Siroc Turbo™ space heater

We are currently continuing to emphasize the successes of our heating systems by sharing references and experiences from satisfied customers and shining a spotlight on successful installations.”

Training sessions and seminars are regularly held for our distributors. What is the aim of this?

“Each year we hold seminars for our top distributors to get a feeling in the market and receive feedback from our distributors on sales and their experiences with projects. At the seminar, we discuss the current and future needs of the market, determine solutions for existing and future customers, and share ideas and experiences.

At the most recent seminar, the importance of digitalization was underlined. This is a trend that we are seeing at both international trade shows and in products that are becoming smarter and more connected with each other. We are responding to this trend with Roxell's Advanced Connected Environment. With connected products, which make use of data and smart technologies, Roxell wants to further support the digital transformation of the agricultural sector.”

What are the major trends in the poultry sector?

“There are a few recent trends. There is demand for an entry-level model for broilers in growing markets, specifically for countries where poultry activities are currently undergoing an evolution from manual to automated feeder pans. For example, in Africa and India,  where more and more farms are switching to automated systems.

In India, just 20 % of the poultry houses use floor housing. Therefore there is a huge opportunity to approach this market and demonstrate the advantages of floor housing.”

360° portfolio
360° house equipment, a comprehensive range

"We have worked hard over the past few years to expand our 360° portfolio. This allows us to offer a tailor-made solution for every type of poultry and pig farmer in these challenging times with innovative feeding and drinking systems, nests, heating solutions, ventilation and controllers."