Advanced Connected Environment

The Roxell Advanced Connected Environment is a digital umbrella that encompasses all of the smart products that we are launching within Roxell’s 360° product portfolio. This new step in our innovative product range enables poultry and pig farmers to prepare for the future and clears the way for the efficient integration of Roxell’s innovations. 

Roxell believes in a connected future!

Developing systems that are innovative, durable and performant is at the core of our strategy. Products that have been valued worldwide for years due to their impact on the general efficiency at pig and poultry farms. Thanks to our extensive 360° product range, we can offer solutions to the unique needs of every poultry and pig farmer. Thanks to connected products, that use big data and smart technologies, Roxell is dedicated to support the digital transformation of the agricultural sector.

Get to know the Roxell Advanced Connected Environment. Step into our vision for the future.

Improve efficiency with data-driven decisions

Reduce labor with valuable insights

Save on maintenance costs by using smart products


The four building blocks of the Advanced Connected Environment

1. Roxell products

We are constantly further expanding the possibilities of the iQon™ controller (e.g. inclusion pig segment, compatibility with alarm centers …) and connecting the controller to the 360° product range as much as possible, amongst others through the introduction of smart sensors. That way, we capture all relevant data that is generated in a house.

2. 24/7 access from any location

The digitization of Roxell provides new possibilities and results in greater convenience. For example, not only is it possible to consult your data and operate Roxell’s products via the iQon controller but also remotely via the iQon app on all types of mobile devices.

3. Data collection and storage

The third building block is the secure collection and storage of this data on a local server or in the cloud.  Therefore, the data is sent to a secure storage space that can be consulted from any location, at any time. 

4. Analysis and insights

The continual optimization of our products and processes is based on the analysis and evaluation of collected data from the cloud or local server. These insights allow us to make adjustments that lead to improved functionality and increased quality, allowing amongst others preventive maintenance.


Our connected initiatives

iQon controller

With our advanced controllers, you can manage your feeding, drinking, heating, and ventilation systems centrally. With iQon, the systems run automatically and you can view status updates or input changes with your smartphone, tablet or laptop. This innovative house computer connects all parts of your poultry company with state-of-the-art, user-friendly controls.

iQon app

Our digital plans are ambitious and the launch of the brand-new iQon app certainly reflects that. Thanks to this app, poultry farmers can easily track everything that happens in their houses. In addition to the wealth of data that can be consulted, you can also view an overview of possible alarms.

Follow our digital route.

The Roxell Connected Environment is an important link in the chain towards our connected future plansStay up to date on all our new products and important innovations.