Fortena® chain feeding system

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Fortena chain feeding system for broiler breeders, automatic feeding for hens

Fortena® is an automatic chain feeding system for hens that lay fertile eggs. The Fortena chain feeding system is not a different version of the current systems on the market. The patented design of the chain, feed trough and corner wheels has been taken care of by Roxell's feeding experts. The result is an innovative chain feeding system that improves and speeds up the feed intake of the hens and reduces residual feed. Discover a few of these features on this page.

Durability and convenience from the breeder feeding expert

Features of the Fortena chain feeding system

Good and rapid feed intake

    this unique Roxell chain has a patented design with large open links that takes up 25 % less space. This results in less friction between the feed and the chain. This way the feed pellets remain intact and the hens also eat them more easily and faster. The result is that less feed residue is left behind.
Rounded trough for less feed loss

with an easily accessible feed trough, the hens get to the feed more easily, which limits feed loss. Thanks to a rounded edge there is also less contact with the feed trough, which reduces feather loss.

Ease of use and maximum flexibility

Adjustable feed volume

this chain feeding system has 6 volume settings which allows you to use your own feeding regimes, ranging from the daily feed portion at one time or spread over several times. And always coupled with an equal and fast feed distribution.

     the poultry farmer gets flexibility in management:
    • fixed or variable speed of feed distribution
    • feeding circuit on winches or on legs, or a combination of both
    • completely automate the feeding process with a iQon™ feed computer
    • direct feed supply with day bins or indirectly via hoppers on the circuit

Extra durable, strong and silent

    we form the circuit with long sections of feed trough which means there are fewer coupling points that cause friction with the chain. This also ensures that the circuit runs silently. We provide connectors in polyamide that connect the feed troughs perfectly.
Strong chain links

we drastically reduce the risk of chain links breaking by using extra strong links.

    the corner wheels require little maintenance because we chose to build in ball bearings instead of the traditional plain bearings. 

Would you like to know more about Fortena, the chain feeding system for broiler breeders? Download the specifications.


Interested in the product specifications?

Download a handy overview with technical information.

Looking for the user manual?

Download a manual with information about the use and maintenance.

Interested in the Fortena chain feeding system?

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