The Fortena® chain feeding system features a patented design

21 March 2024

At the end of 2022, Roxell launched the Fortena® chain feeding system for hens in the production period. Thus, we completed our complete range for feeding that now includes a solution for every type of poultry farmer.

The chain feeding system is not an average of the current systems on the market and has been completely mastered by the Roxell feeding experts with a unique and patented chain design.

Patented chain feeding system with large open links

The chain feeding system has large open links that take up 25% less space than other chain feeding systems on the market. This has the following advantages:

  • Less friction between the feed and the chain.
  • The feed pellets stay intact better, allowing the hens to eat them easier and faster.
  • Less feed remains and there is less feed waste.
  • The chain is extra strong and durable and the risk of chain links breaking is drastically reduced.
We are very satisfied with the Fortena chain feeding system
The cooperation with Roxell's distributor was very good. The installation went smoothly. There were several moments during the round when we adjusted some small parameters, which we both learned a lot from. We can see that the chickens are handling it well, so we are also very satisfied.
Wouter Vanrolleghem, pluimveeadviseur, Ghekiere in Wevelgem

Technical information

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