"The Fortena® chain feeding system is the perfect solution to get the feed to the hens as completely as possible."

Wouter Vanrolleghem is Poultry Advisor at Ghekiere in Wevelgem, Belgium. The recently renovated poultry farm uses Roxell's Fortena chain feeding system to get the feed to its 6,000 hens as quickly and completely as possible. Watch the video in which he talks about the impressive results he has achieved with Fortena.

Wouter Vanrolleghem: "We were looking for a solution to get the feed to the animals as quickly as possible and the Roxell’s Fortena system was a good solution for that. We could leave the existing feed bins and feed weigher in place. We only needed to increase the intake and this allowed us to get the total feed amount to the chickens in a few minutes."

"We feed in the dark in the morning at a high speed. This speed is controlled by frequency-controlled motors. These completely fill the lines in 4 minutes. Then the lights go on and we lower the feeding lines, which then allows the chickens to eat. Meanwhile, we refill the rest of the feed at a slower speed, allowing the animals to keep eating while the feed refills. These animals come from a rearing house where there is a pan feeding system installed. When they arrive here, it is immediately very visual for them where the feed is present."

"The transition went smoothly, they are quickly used to the chain feeding system. On top they are also very calm. There is little noise, so they are little triggered in the house. Slow feeding also allows them to stay in place and eat while the feeding lines are filled. We also see little migration of the animals and they are very homogeneous in their growth."

We are very satisfied with the chain feeding system
The collaboration with Roxell's distributor has been very good. The installation went smoothly. There were several moments during the round where we adjusted some small parameters, from which we both learned a lot. We are very satisfied with the chain feeding system. We see that the chickens get away with it very well, so we are also very satisfied.
Wouter Vanrolleghem, Poultry Advisor Ghekiere
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