Energy-efficient house heating for poultry and pigs

A full range of livestock heaters with a unique solution for every need

A high-performance house heating system is crucial for any livestock farmer given the high cost of energy. That’s why Roxell heating systems are designed to deliver outstanding performance. With our house heating systems, you can keep your energy bills under control. You also get a constant temperature, exactly where and when you want it.

With Roxell, you have a choice between systems. After all, poultry and pigs have different needs. Do you breed chickens or pigs? Which fuel do you use? What is the volume and height of your house? What is the local climate like? Asking these questions will help you to determine what kind of house heating system you need. With Roxell, you receive high-quality and high-performance heating in your houses, whatever the circumstances.

Discover our house heating range

Thanks to our complete range of heating systems, Roxell has a solution for every house. Roxell makes it easier for you to decide with the decision tool. Use this handy tool to learn more about Roxell’s heating range. At the bottom of this page, you can also see an overview of all our heating systems.

Roxell offers appliances that run on:
  • gas: natural gas, LPG and propane
  • oil: diesel, kerosene, petroleum and mazut
  • water: via an external boiler that runs on biomass, wood pellets, wood, coal etc.
  • convection: with open or closed combustion
  • radiant heat: with open combustion
Economical and safe heating system in Polish turkey house
Roxell’s heating system - Quad Glow®- helps poultry farmers achieve positive results. Krzysztof Panasiuk’s turkey farm has used our infrared heating this winter for the first time. He would like to share the results with you.
Krzysztof Panasiuk
turkey-farmer-poland-krzysztof panasiuk-titan

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