Shen Turbo™ space heater

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Shen Turbo space heater with open combustion for poultry and pig houses

Roxell offers two types of Shen Turbo space heaters, so there is a solution for every breeder’s budget and needs. At Roxell, we have 80 years of experience in designing heating systems. And that is reflected in how little energy Shen Turbo uses to deliver such a high heat output. The Shen Turbo heater has an impressive air volume output and corresponding temperature increase. 

Convection heater that runs on gas with proven reliability

Tests show that the Shen Turbo convection heater outperforms other market leaders on all fronts. Read on to find out why.

Features of the Shen Turbo space heater

Good heat distribution

High performance, low energy use

the high-quality cast iron burner delivers a very powerful heat output. That is exactly why the space heater converts BTUs into convection heat efficiently. You don’t need as many devices or as much fuel to heat the same volume so evenly compared to competitor products.

Easy to maintain

Quick cleaning

simply open the heater up and use an air blower the blast any dust and dirt away.


Shen Turbo with 250,000 or 80,000 BTU/h (73,27 en 23,45 kW)

Shen Turbo 250 with a 250,000 BTU/h output performs very well where there is a constant need for heating or in large spaces. Alternatively, the Shen Turbo 100 is a more compact but nonetheless powerful version for pig breeders or climates with a less frequent need for heating.

Choice of fuel and ignition type

Shen Turbo comes in a range of options. Choose based on your needs and budget.

Checked and certified space heaters

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