Roxell introduces three types of convection heaters: gas, water or oil

Press release
2 March 2021

Discover the new heating systems with closed or open combustion, running on gas or oil. Or remove the combustion process from the house entirely and opt for an alternative fuel.


Range of heating systems: a unique solution for every livestock farmer

Roxell is expanding its range of convection heaters for poultry and pigs with three new types. For clean indoor air, choose the Siroc Pure™ space heater with closed combustion and extra-long horizontal flow, which is essential in large spaces. The Siroc Hydro™ hot water heater removes the combustion process from the animal’s living space entirely and allows you to use alternative fuels. Want a direct fired appliance? Opt for the Siroc Turbo™ cannon heater with open combustion. The expansion of the range of heaters means that every livestock company can find a reliable, safe and high-quality heating system at Roxell. There is a solution for every situation, fuel type, house volume and climate in the comprehensive range.

heating closed combustion heater gas siroc-pure convection poultry
Siroc Pure™ space heater with closed combustion

For farmers that heat with gas and want clean air (no combustion gas) in the house, there is the Siroc Pure space heater with closed combustion. You create a better living environment because a chimney carries away the residual CO, CO2 and condensate from the combustion process. This means you need less ventilation to keep the indoor air clean, dry and low in ammonia. Siroc Pure therefore improves the condition of the litter and the animals’ health. The chimney only carries away combustion air, which is good for the energy consumption. 92 % of the heat produced remains indoors, which is one of the highest percentages for this type of heating. When tested in cold regions, the heater achieved the target temperature in the house in less than two days following the start of a new flock. This is a speed that is unmatched by competing types.


The chimney is double-walled with one flue drawing in the outdoor air that is required for the combustion. Through heat exchange the second inner flue with the hot combustion gases heats the incoming cold air. This recuperation of heat makes the Siroc Pure a very energy-efficient heater. This high performance heating is transmitted via a long-range heat projection fan. The air flow reaches 70 meters (230 ft) and this powerful fan distributes the heat optimally. In terms of projection, Siroc Pure is a market leader, which means you need fewer heating appliances in large houses. Roxell’s first new heating appliance with closed combustion therefore offers extra-long heat projection while ensuring clean indoor air quality.

heating hot water heater siroc-hydro convection poultry renewable fuels
Siroc Hydro™ hot water heater

Removing the combustion process from the house reduces the risks to almost zero and opens the door to renewable energy such as biomass and wood pellets. In this case, the obvious choice is the Siroc Hydro hot water heater. A hot water radiator draws air in through the inlet, heats it and releases the air radially at a height close to the animals via a fan with six adjustable outlet grills. This heating system is a circular system but it also takes in oxygen from outdoors and mixes it with the warm air. Recuperation, energy efficiency and low ventilation are the advantages of Siroc Hydro and are particularly favorable in cold climates. It is also beneficial to the health of the animals because there are no emissions or condensate in the house. 


The design of the air distribution unit that blows air over the animals is unique. The six adjustable outlet grills are put in a special angle and that gives the hot air an extra spin. This effect ensures better circulation and therefore an improved heat distribution. You can individually adjust the shutters on the outlet grills to the dimensions of the house. Siroc Hydro also has a very powerful radiator that effortlessly achieves an indoor temperature of 35 °C (95 °F), even in cold climates, which is an absolute must for day-old chicks. The Siroc Hydro hot water heater will be popular with farmers that are seeking an alternative with high thermal efficiency

heating direct fired cannon heater gas siroc-turbo convection poultry and pig
Siroc Turbo™ cannon heater with open combustion

Roxell is enhancing its range of convection heating with the Siroc Turbo cannon heater running on gas or oil. Siroc Turbo is 100 % efficient due to the open combustion that keeps all the heat generated indoors. The energy performance of the Siroc Turbo is therefore very high. Safety is the number one priority with this appliance. LED lights indicate the status and defects, so you can identify the cause of a problem immediately. The long list of built-in safety checks can be consulted on the Siroc Turbo page on Roxell has given this basic appliance a wide set of features that ensure a reliable performance.

Convection heating for poultry and pig houses
These new space heaters and the hot water heater are made of stainless (chromium alloy) steel and contain high-quality components. The quality label that you are familiar with from our feeding, drinking and nesting systems is also present in our heating range. The expansion of the range was necessary to allow Roxell to offer a suitable heating system to every region in which we operate. Some countries have a preference for convection or infrared heating, and fuel choices differ. Moreover, farmers are justifiably increasingly concerned about safety, the environmental impact and the health of the animals. Requirements such as energy conservation, efficiency and easy maintenance are universal and our heating appliances always meet these needs.
Frank Hartmann, Marketing Manager at Roxell

You can read about the features that guarantee the energy efficiency, safety, ease of use and maintenance on the web pages of Siroc Pure, Siroc Hydro and Siroc Turbo