Siroc Hydro™ hot water heater

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Siroc Hydro hot water heater for poultry houses

Siroc Hydro™ is a hot water heater that removes the combustion process from the chickens’ living space. The water is heated externally with a boiler, which allows you to switch to alternative renewable fuels such as biomass or wood pellets. 

Hot water convection heater with high thermal efficiency and an intelligent design

The hot water radiator draws air in through the inlet, heats it and releases the air radially at a height close to the chickens via a fan with six adjustable outlet grills. This space heater is a circular system but it also takes in oxygen from outdoors and mixes it with warm air. The Siroc Hydro hot water heater will be popular with farmers that are seeking an alternative with high thermal efficiency. Discover the intelligent design.



Features of Siroc Hydro hot water heater

Energy-efficient space heater with efficient recuperation 

heat generated is reused efficiently

the warm air around the outlet of the house is drawn back inside by a built-in fan. The hot water heater mixes this air with outdoor air, heats it and releases the heat in a circular motion. This recuperation will reduce your energy consumption.

    the six adjustable outlet grills are put in a special angle and that gives the hot air an extra spin. This effect ensures better circulation and therefore an improved heat distribution. You can individually adjust the shutters on the outlet grills to the dimensions of the house. 
very powerful radiator

the radiator fan is a unique part of this design as it has widely-spaced blades. Due to this extra space in between the blades, less dirt and dust collects and the radiator therefore needs less energy to reach the target temperature. This high performance is especially valuable in cold climates where an indoor temperature of 35 °C (95 °F) is an absolute must for day-old chicks. Siroc Hydro reaches this temperature effortlessly.

Healthy microclimate for poultry = better results

no combustion process in the chickens’ house

the oxygen in the house is not used in the combustion process. This means you need less ventilation to keep the indoor air clean, dry and low in ammonia. Siroc Hydro therefore improves the condition of the litter and the chickens’ health.

Easy to use and maintain 

high-quality materials stainless (chromium alloy) steel

to guarantee a long lifespan, even with intensive cleaning. 

additional special coating

Roxell places a special coating on every hot water heater that protects the radiator against corrosive substances such as ammonia. 

winchable heating

create space when clearing and cleaning a house. You can hang the space heater back at the correct height at the start of a new flock.

Safe and reliable hot water heater

safety is a high priority

there is no combustion process in the appliance and this makes the functioning and design less complex. Siroc Hydro is therefore extremely reliable.

Want to find out more about the Siroc Hydro hot water heater? Download the specifications or see our news section and our references.


Energy specifications:
  • Appliance fuel: hot water
  • Power output (or heat output):  
    • Model 50: 50 kW* (170,607 BTU/h)
    • Model 60: 60 kW* (204,728 BTU/h)
    • Model 70: 70 kW* (238,850 BTU/h) *if (1) appliance input 80°C (176°F), (2) appliance output 65°C (149°F), (3) indoor temperature 35°C (95°F)
  • Combustion: external boiler that runs on biomass, wood pellets, wood, coal etc. (not included in Roxell’s range) 

Durability specifications:

  • Body: stainless chromium alloy steel
  • Internal components: stainless steel
  • Cleaning: pressure washer

Safety specifications:

  • Combustion: external, not in the poultry’s living environment


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