Siroc Sterling™ space heater

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Siroc Sterling space heater with closed combustion for poultry houses

Siroc Sterling™ is a space heater that runs on gas (1) with closed combustion (2) for tall poultry houses (3). In the center of the house, the appliance draws warm air from the attic, mixes it with outdoor air and releases the warm air at floor level. This vertical air circulation (4) results in a temperature difference between the attic and the floor of just 0.5 °C. This uniform heat distribution is unmatched in the sector. The combination of these four features makes the Siroc Sterling space heater unique on the market.

Convection heater that runs on gas for optimal heat distribution in tall poultry houses

You create a healthy living environment for your chickens because the emissions from the combustion — CO, CO2 and condensate — are carried away through a chimney. Due to the high quality of indoor air, you need less ventilation. The litter also remains dry, which is good for the health and animal welfare of the chickens.



Features of Siroc Sterling space heater

Vertical, uniform heat distribution: energy efficient through recuperation

homogeneous heat in a tall house (from 4.5 meters - 148 ft)

a built-in fan draws indoor and outdoor air from the attic, heats it and releases it 1.1 meters (36 ft) above the floor with via outlets. The difference in temperature between the attic and the floor is minimal (just 0.5 °C or 32.9°F). This is a unique appliance with special properties for tall spaces: it heats the areas that need to be heated.

double-walled chimney with heat exchange

the heat produced is reused: the first flue draws in the outdoor air required for the combustion process and hotter combustion gases in the second inner flue heat up the incoming air. This recuperation will reduce your energy consumption.

92 % of the heat remains indoors

this is one of the highest percentages for this type of heating. The combustion gases are carried away, which means you require less ventilation. The result? Savings on heating and ventilation costs.  

Healthy microclimate for chickens = better results

no CO, CO2 and condensate

the chimney carries away the residual CO, CO² and condensate from the closed combustion process. This means you need less ventilation to keep the indoor air clean, dry and low in ammonia. Siroc Sterling therefore improves the condition of the litter. The health and animal welfare of your poultry is improved.

oxygen-rich living environment

the oxygen in the house is not used in the combustion process. 

Easy to use and maintain 

high-quality materials stainless (chromium alloy) steel

to guarantee a long lifespan, even with intensive cleaning.

protected against dust and water

the electronic components are housed together in a protective IP65 junction box which means you can use a pressure washer when cleaning.


the air guide ring on the suction fan results in an efficient air supply.

open, inspect and clean the interior

the inspection hatches on 3 sides make it very easy to access the heating appliance.

winchable heating

create space when clearing and cleaning a house. You can hang the space heater back at the correct height at the start of a new flock.

Safe and reliable space heater for poultry

gas supply monitoring and checks prior to ignition

an ionization protection cuts off the gas supply if the flame extinguishes or if the appliance does not ignite.

prevents overheating

a maximum thermostat prevents the appliance from overheating. 

Want to find out more about the Siroc Sterling space heater? Download the specifications or see our news section and our references.


Energy specifications:
  • Fuel: propane, natural gas or LPG (propane and butane mix)
  • Nominal capacity LHV (Hi): 
    • Model 45: 49 kW (167 344 BTU/h) 
    • Model 60: 66 kW (225 402 BTU/h) 
    • Model 75: 79 kW (269 799 BTU/h) 
    • Model 100: 106 kW (362 009 BTU/h) 
  • Power output (or heat output): 
    • Model 45: 44.6 kW (152 318 BTU/h)
    • Model 60: 60.9 kW (207 868 BTU/h) 
    • Model 75: 73.1 kW (249 530 BTU/h) 
    • Model 100: 96.5 kW (329 272 BTU/h) 
  • Chimney: via roof
  • Option of dual-setting control: a higher setting for powerful heating and a lower setting at half power when less heating is required.
Durability specifications:
  • Body: stainless chromium alloy steel
  • Main burner: components made of stainless steel
  • Cleaning: first with dust blower and then with pressure washer
  • Gas valve, transformer, relay and thermodisc: can be replaced separately (don’t need to replace all parts at once)
  • Easy ignition: electronic
  • Available connections: option to use a climate computer or a space thermostat and use a minimum amount of ventilation if no heating is required — immediately or at a later date.
Safety specifications:
  • Prevent overheating in the burner chamber with double protection: maximum thermostat and heat-proof heat exchanger and burner
  • Prevent overheating in the heat exchange tubes: thermodisc built-in

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