Siroc Sterling™ Outdoor space heater

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Siroc Sterling Outdoor space heater with closed combustion for poultry houses

The market places increasingly stringent demands on heating systems in poultry houses — both in terms of legislation and in a practical sense. Roxell is keen to respond to this trend and is therefore introducing the Siroc Sterling™ Outdoor space heater to the market. In order to offer even greater flexibility in the set-up, we have a 80 kW version and a 100 kW version available.

Efficient heating solution outside the shed

The Siroc Sterling™ Outdoor space heater is a closed combustion space heater that runs on gas. It provides a better environment for the birds, due to the outside installation, resulting in optimized air quality with no CO2 emissions or water vaporization inside the building.
The installation, cleaning and maintenance are done outside the house, reducing the risk of contamination

Features of Siroc Sterling Outdoor space heater


Optimized air quality and distribution; energy efficient 
  • The air inside the house is 100% recirculated, improving efficiency.
  • Well-insulated panels reduce heat-loss and save energy.
  • The air distribution is optimized with adjustable vertical louvers.
  • No oxygen from the house is absorbed and the combustion gases are carried away, which means no additional ventilation is required. The result? Savings on heating and ventilation costs
Easy to use and maintain
  • The unit is installed on the outside of the building and the face side is inserted through a cutout in the wall.
  • No long inlet or exhaust tubes needed inside the house.
  • All gas and electric supply connections are outside of the house.
  • The inlet is positioned in such a way that rain and wind will not affect the inlet airflow.
  • The unit is made of corrosion-resistant materials, to guarantee a long lifespan, even with intensive cleaning.
  • Maintenance and repairs are easily done outside, without damaging any items inside the house and also reducing the risk of contamination of the birds.
  • Fast and easy access to service compartment with the large service door.
  • Drain holes with plugs to drain water and dirt during cleaning.
  • Low noise levels because the combustion chamber is located outside of the house.
Safe and reliable space heater for poultry
  • An ionization protection cuts off the gas supply if the flame extinguishes or if the appliance does not ignite.
  • A maximum thermostat prevents the appliance from overheating.
  • The heat exchanger is made of robust stainless steel.
  • The heater is CE, UKCA-approved.
  • Available in 80 kW and 100 kW.

Want to find out more about the Siroc Sterling Outdoor space heater? Download the specifications or see our news section and our references.



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