Economical and safe heating system in Polish turkey house

Roxell’s heating system - Quad Glow® - helps poultry farmers achieve positive results. Krzysztof Panasiuk’s turkey farm has used our infrared heating this winter for the first time. He would like to share the results with you.


In 2017, Krzysztof Panasiuk started a turkey farm in the east of Poland.

Krzysztof chose to use Roxell’s systems, which he purchased from Inwest-Agro, one of our distributors in Poland. “We were always very satisfied with the quality of Roxell’s products. Their systems are built to last, work flawlessly, and are easy to use and maintain. So when we wanted to set up a new house, we naturally returned to Roxell,” says Krzysztof Panasiuk.

3 criteria for heating system for poultry houses

During the cold winter months, most poultry farmers find it important that their heating heats up quickly and is economicalFire safety is another crucial factor. Roxell’s infrared heating Quad Glow, was the clear winner on all three fronts. The end results and the low energy consumption speak for themselves:

  • Quad Glow: 12 units
  • House dimensions: 90 x 18 m
  • Energy consumption: 3000 l per 15 weeks (LP/Propane)
  • Lowest temperature: -2°C
  • Average final weight of turkeys: 10.45 kg

Feed savings and rapid, consistent growth

Krzysztof also decided to install Roxell feeder pans. Even the smallest chicks can easily feed from these from day one. The pan is designed to ensure there is zero feed waste.

Rearing turkeys
I also think that the Sparkcup™ is a good cup drinking system. The turkeys always have access to water in a way that is natural, and this is essential for achieving a good end result. The combination of the Roxell pans and the Sparkcup ensures a very good feed conversion of 2.34 and good consistency in the group.
Krzysztof Panasiuk
turkey-farmer-poland-krzysztof panasiuk-titan

About the Panasiuk turkey farm

His company is located near Lublin, where he raises turkeys up to 12 kg. He learnt the trade from his parents and their focus is on rearing turkeys. But due to the high number of competitors in the market and pressure on prices, Krzysztof built his first fattening house. By the end of 2018, the company will have 4 new houses with Roxell products.