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Galvanized feed storage bin: wide range of sturdy and high-quality products

Roxell has a wide range of galvanized feed storage bins. A metal feed storage bin from Roxell keeps feed dry, fresh, and nutritious like no other. Temperature fluctuations between day and night are kept to a minimum, thanks to the waved metal exterior structure. Inside, there is less condensation and moisture, which improves the quality of the feed. A metal feed storage bin prevents mold from accumulating and feed from congealing.

Metal storage bins for dry, fresh, and nutritious feed

The high quality of Roxell metal feed storage bins makes them sturdy and durable. Roxell uses 25 % more galvanization in the body and feet of the bin, compared to similar products on the market. That means we can offer a five-year guarantee.



Features of Roxell’s galvanized feed storage bins

Keeps feed fresh and nutritious

Less condensation

With lower temperature fluctuations, it has been scientifically proven that metal feed storage bins are less prone to condensation. Thanks to the corrugated metal exterior structure, sunlight simply bounces off. The chance of condensation accumulating at night is also greatly reduced. Feed stays dry, preventing mold from accumulating and feed from congealing.

Smooth feed flow

The interior of the storage bin prevents blockages from building up. There are no bolts in the way, and the interior of the hopper has a smooth protective coating.

Proven quality with five-year guarantee

Sturdier and more corrosion-resistant than average

The silo body, hopper brace, and legs are exceptionally strong. They can withstand heavy storms, according to the standards and tests. Roxell also incorporates more galvanization into its storage bins: 25 % more than the market average, in fact. Corrosion doesn’t stand a chance. Plus, a five-year guarantee (as described in our general sales conditions) comes with every Roxell feed storage bin.

Tested against standards and legislation

All Roxell’s metal feed storage bins meet the EN 1090 standard, which determines the criteria for the manufacture of steel and aluminum constructions. They also comply with Eurocode 3 - the EU standards on the structural safety of steel constructions. What’s more, Roxell has a wide range of galvanized feed storage bins that are certified in Germany (see box).

EN 1090 certificate

Roxell’s wide range of galvanized feed storage bins certified in Germany

Roxell’s feed storage bins underwent additional inspections in Germany (Typenprüfung). Our feed storage bins, which can deal with wind loads of up to 30 m/s, are now formally approved for the German market. Roxell is one of the first manufacturers of metal feed bins to receive this certificate. 


Wide range with various options

  • A PACKAGE TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS - With a long list of options available, you can put together a feed storage bin that perfectly meets your requirements:
  1. Options suited to your region, taking into account local legislation or wind zones. Storage bins suitable for heavy wind loads
  2. Diameter and number of rings determine the volume. Capacity ranges from 2.5 t to 32.4 t 
  3. Choose from pneumatic or mechanical filling 
  4. For even more choices, download the technical specifications.
Modular design for global transport

Roxell packs everything up compactly and efficiently, so we can transport a large metal feed storage bin across the world. 

Want to find out more about our feed storage bins? Download the specifications or see our news section and our references.

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How a Roxell overhead system can benefit you

Roxell has three solutions that can significantly improve your biosecurity. They handle the feed transport at the site and allow deliveries of feed to be made outside the walls of the company.


Interested in the product specifications?

Download a handy overview with technical information.

Looking for the user manual?

Download a manual with information about the use and maintenance.

Interested in galvanized feed bins?

Contact us for a no-obligation conversation.

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