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iQon, the first feed controller for poultry houses

iQonTM is Roxell’s feed controller for poultry houses. A single computer controls the entire feeding process. You choose which houses you want to control: a full site or an individual house. The central computer is the brain of your company. It is a first in the feed computers segment. iQon fulfills all your requirements, however complex they may be.

Features of the iQon feed controller for poultry

Precise control over the feeding process

combine, measure and mix the feed with precision

iQon uses feed curves. These are detailed feed plans that gradually adjust the composition and quantity of the feed. You can create the feed curves yourself or import them. In addition, you can detect the successful feed curves and reuse them. You can also make decisions based on the feed history. 

basis for biosafety

if you retrieve your feed from the street side of the site, you are conscious of biosafety. When transporting the feed to the houses, it is best to use an overhead system and the iQon feed controller. The computer knows what type of food you have, where it is stored and where it needs to go. You can always see the current status. 

measure and monitor your flock’s water consumption

iQon will record the total and daily water consumption of your flock, as well as calculate the water/feed ratio. This will help you monitor and ensure that your birds are healthy and consuming correctly.

iQon = control panel with touchscreen and software 

no standard installation, everything is customized to your company

your iQon will always be tailored to your company: the housing layout, the animal groups, sub-groups etc. Every iQon is therefore unique in its set-up. We adapt both the control panel and the user software to your situation. 

large 12 inch touchscreen

a user-friendly interface on a 12” touchscreen ensures clear visualization of data and an easy management of your flock.

Foundation for animal management

details about every individual group

with iQon you can view the status of a specific animal group. For example, if you have 3 feeding lines for hens, iQon will show you each line individually. The animal group data helps you to make adjustments during the growing process.

for all types of poultry

do you keep broilers, broiler breeders, layers, turkeys or ducks? Your iQon will always contain user software for your specific housing layout and animal groups.

Internet connection for remote management

connect externally with iQon #Sharp

the iQon in your house can be controlled with a computer, smartphone or tablet. An internet connection and a secure password give you access. The software updates also occur without the need for a visit from a technician. 

remote support possible

if necessary, the technical support team from Roxell can log in to your system. The installer can quickly investigate the situation and solve it, insofar as possible, remotely.

smart features for the future

under the name iQon #Sharp, Roxell is adding more and more online capabilities to the feed computer. Soon it will be almost unthinkable for a livestock company to be without a smart central controller. Roxell would be happy to inform you of the future possibilities. Contact us for the latest update.

Want to find out more about the iQon feed computer? Download the specifications or see our news section and our references.

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No standard installation - everything is customized to your company, per animal group 

If you invest in iQon today, you will be purchasing a product that will expand in functionality in the future. Every user will have access to the growing set of online and smart possibilities. Roxell would be happy to inform you of the future possibilities. Contact us for the latest update.


User-friendly automation system
Other feed computers are often too complex and not always as convenient. IQON is a user-friendly automation system that adjusts, controls and monitors the feeding and drinking process in the house.

Interested in the product specifications?

Download a handy overview with technical information.

Interested in the iQon feed computer?

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