We welcome Stijn Vanhoutte to Roxell as our new Regional Sales Manager

9 April 2024

Stijn Vanhoutte completes the international sales team as the Regional Sales Manager for Europe. Read our interview with him about his ambitions at Roxell. 

Hey Stijn, welcome to Roxell! Could you tell us a bit more about yourself?

“Thank you! I’m Stijn, I grew up in Aalter but later moved to Waregem. I’m married and have a 15-year-old son. My wife works as a psychologist at the hospital in Waregem. Hobby-wise, I love everything related to watersports, such as sailing on a big yacht. I like to ride my motorcycle, play guitar and garden. I also enjoy traveling to Italy, a beautiful country where I lived For some time."

Which region are you responsible for as a Regional Sales Manager?

“I’m responsible for sales in Europe and will personally handle Belgium, France and Portugal.”

What are your ambitions at Roxell?

“Together with Roxell, I want to generate sustainable growth. The aim is to lead a high-performing company and a fantastic team. Keeping a team on board is always tricky, but I’m motivated to succeed.”

Where did you work prior to this?

“I worked all over the world in business development and the B2B industrial sector for 25 years. I also spent five years working in the agricultural world.”

What was your first experience with Roxell?

“I first came into contact with Roxell at VIV Asia, a global trade show. But before I started attending various international trade shows, I had already heard of Roxell. They were part of the pig farming projects I was involved in, so this encounter didn’t come as a complete surprise to me.”

Which Roxell products will you be focusing on?

“In these difficult market conditions, I want to focus on the innovation of the products. Roxell is known for its innovative product portfolio with recognized, existing products, such as the iconic MiniMax feeder pan. In particular, I will focus on the Fortena chain feeding system, an innovative product that is the most suitable solution for transporting feed to hens in as complete a state as possible.

But also the complete 360° portfolio will be given my full attention, since Roxell offers a complete range for every type of poultry and pig farmer.”

Which regions offer the most opportunities in your opinion?

“I believe in the opportunities in France. In Europe, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and the UK have the most growth potential for us to make a difference with our innovative 360° portfolio. See it as leverage to create value for the end customers with our distributors.”

“I am looking forward to building strong collaborations with our international distributors’ network.”

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