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MiniMax round feeder pan for the automated feeding of broilers

MiniMax™ is an automated pan feeding system for broilers. This feeder pan is the most highly regarded in the poultry sector. The first version, launched in 1985, became the standard for anyone who wanted to invest in broilers. There is now a second generation of MiniMax feeder pans. The round pan still has its original properties: robustness, ease of cleaning and a unique feed filling method. Since then, the options for the MiniMax have only expanded and the pan has evolved with the size of the broiler. The pan is now also modular. You can choose a MiniMax that fully meets your preferences and way of working, so you can grow even more efficiently.

The modular broiler feeder designed for efficient growth

This feeding system contains a few Roxell patents. Features that you will not find at any other supplier. It is these aspects that make the difference for many poultry farmers around the world, as they help to improve the profitability.


Features of the MiniMax feeder pan

Feeding broilers from day one

feeder pan tailored to the size of day-old chicks

the distance between the floor of the house and the edge of the pan is just 6 cm (or 2.36”) for the 1st type of MiniMax pan. The 2nd type of pan can hold double the amount of feed and is only 0.5 cm (or 0.2”) higher. That’s still low enough to allow day-old chicks to see the feed and eat in the pan. In this first stage, they can climb effortlessly into the pan. Once they have grown, you can easily winch up the feeding line. 

feed flow, consistent and around the entire pan = 360°

every edge of the round feeder pan is always amply filled with feed. Learn about the 360° principle in the MiniMax video.



Modular, your preferences determine the combination

combine different components from the MiniMax range

you can choose from four types of MiniMax, which meet the needs of different broiler farmers. Our local distributors will therefore ask you three questions: 

  1. At what age do you think chicks should stop stepping into the pan
  2. What end weight are you aiming for with your broilers? 
  3. What type of floor will your feeding system be used on? 

The MiniMax answers to these questions can be found in this table:


Adjusting the feed levels

3 possible feed settings

you are free to choose any type of feed, because you can simply adjust the feed opening of the pan to the type of feed. The feed volume is also easy to adjust.

rely on the last pan, the control pan

this separate pan with sensors ensures that the feeding line and pans are filled at the right time. LED lights in the control pan encourage the broilers to also eat from this last pan. The sensor that sends the signal to refill the system, therefore, always gives a prompt at the right time.

Good feed intake and no waste due to the pan’s shape

    the MiniMax feeding system has a bottom pan that is unique for two reasons: it has a stepped structure and a special edge that prevents feed spillage. This special shape helps to dramatically reduce your feed costs. The shape of the pan has been patented by Roxell.

Less maintenance

clean pans faster

each MiniMax pan rotates automatically when you use a pressure washer, which means you can reach all corners of the pan without any extra effort. If you opt for the extra cleaning option, where the top cap of the pan can be opened, you can reach all the internal components such as the inner cone. These two features can save you a significant amount of time. They are crucial elements that have been patented by Roxell. See how you can clean the MiniMax in this video.


Want to find out more about MiniMax, the feeder pan for broilers? Download the specifications or see our news section and our references.

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Total concept that saves me time
With Roxell I opted for a total concept that saves me time, produces optimal results, and is also durable. In 2 houses we have been using the MiniMax pan for more than 20 years.

Interested in the product specifications?

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