High-performance materials: optimal results flock after flock

Aurélien and Nathalie Egault run their own broiler farm in French Brittany. Having been shown the ropes by their parents, they immersed themselves in the production of broilers and today they achieve optimal results.


 Around 90,000 broilers are accommodated in 4 houses

Aurélien and Nathalie Egault go for high-performance Roxell equipment: from feed bin, Flex Auger™, Swii’Flo® as drinking system and CoMeo® and MiniMax™ as feeding system. 

Total concept that saves me time
With Roxell I opted for a total concept that saves me time, produces optimal results, and is also durable. In 2 houses we have been using the MiniMax pan for more than 20 years. A few months ago, we, together with Roxell and Sodimel, installed the new open pan for broilers, CoMeo. CoMeo has a convenient, fast and efficient cleaning system. In addition, there's hardly any feed wastage.
Aurélien en Nathalie Egault

Aurélien and Nathalie divide their houses into 2 compartments. The females are delivered after 35 days with a final weight of 1.7 kg, the males are bred to a weight of 3.5 kg in 48 days. 

With their passion for agricultural life, they ensure the daily house management and observe the behaviour of the animals. This enables them to anticipate possible diseases or to adjust the height of the feeder pan to maintain optimal access to the feed.  Their professional management results in a feed conversion of 1.74 - an excellent result for broilers weighing 3.5 kg. 

These results have Aurélien and Nathalie already secretly dreaming of expanding their farm by 2 more houses.