Kanagri Oy selling Roxell systems in Finland

20 February 2020

The Finnish distributor Kanagri Oy- known in Finland for its high-quality house equipment - is selling Roxell products as of 2020. The face of this distributor is Kari Knuuttila. He has 20 years’ experience in the livestock sector. It is his vision to only represent first-class brands. He wants the equipment he sells to farmers to be of the highest quality, and there must be good support and service available. His approach is the perfect match for Roxell. We are therefore very much looking forward to our collaboration.


Investing in the sector

The market forecasts for Finland seem positive: local consumers see chicken and turkey as good alternative sources of animal protein. Poultry companies are therefore prepared to invest for the next generation of poultry farmers. Kari Knuuttila did just that at his own livestock company. His son took over the broiler breeder company, which freed up Kari to fully dedicate himself to providing advice on house systems in his company, Kanagri Oy. He is also an active member of the Finnish poultry association. 

Set of Roxell products

Kanagri Oy distributes the full set of Roxell house systems: feed, water and heating. Kari Knuuttila sees great potential in Roxell’s latest feeder pan for turkeys, Titan™. He also expects there to be a large demand for CoMeo®, the round feeder pan for the automated feeding of broilers. The galvanized feed bin also fulfills the demands of many livestock farmers. 


Kanagri Oy is eager to help you find the right system and create a total package for you. So, don’t hesitate to contact Kari.

Contact details: Kanagri Oy