Blu'Hox® feeding system

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Blu’Hox round ad lib feeding system for piglets

Blu’Hox® is an automated feeding system for meat pigs. The sturdy design makes the Blu’Hox feeder pans some of the most durable on the market. The trough has a round design with plenty of gaps to look through, as pigs prefer to live and eat together by their very nature. Young piglets that follow their instinct and eat together grow better and more consistently.

Encourages social interaction, promotes consistent growth

Roxell’s Blu’Hox feeding systems for meat pigs come in three categories. The Blu’Hox range for piglets is suitable for pigs up to 30 kg (66 lb) or 45 kg (99 lb). Discover the Blu’Hox range for heavier meat pigs and Wean-to-Finish.



Features of the Blu’Hox feeding system for piglets

Excellent start for young piglets

Ad lib feeder pan with drinking nipples

Water nipples are integrated into the pan, catering to the piglets’ urge to alternate eating with drinking water. Water encourages eating, improves digestion, and promotes consistent growth. 

Round design with plenty of feeding spots

The round shape of the pan supports the piglets’ social nature, helping them to learn from each other. There is no competition for a feeding point, as the trough can be accessed on all sides. The piglets frequently move around, from nipple to nipple, without leaving the Blu’Hox. 

No feed or water spillages

Moist paste increases feed intake

Water spills from the nipple are collected in the pan. The piglets mix the water and the feed to create a moist paste. The wet composition increases daily feed intake by 30 %.

hog feeder Blu'Hox farm adjust feed volume
    Blu’Hox has 20 different feed settings, so you can control the feed volume precisely.
Trough shape tailored to piglets

The piglets can get very close to the pan with their feet, allowing them to feed without actually getting into it. The feed is also kept neatly in the middle of the feeder pan, making it easy to reach.

Optimal hygiene

Easy to clean

The round shape of the trough means the feed doesn’t collect in corners. The stainless steel material of the pan makes it quick to clean. The cover on the Blu’Hox prevents any dust entering the feed tray. The flap protects the feed against the smell of ammonia.

Wide range of feeding systems for piglets 

Roxell has a wide range of Blu’Hox automatic feeders. If you would like any advice on choosing the best Blu’Hox feeding system for your pig house, then please contact Roxell directly or a distributor.

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Blu'Hox overview piglets
Feeding in phases with your own ingredients
Multifast® batch feeding system for pig houses

Multifast® is a batch feeding system for pig houses. It controls and connects the feed processes at your pig farm: from the moment the feed leaves the bin, to the delivery of the feed to the pigs. 


Excellent results
The Roxell systems enable me to optimise the management of my houses. Each step in the feeding process is tailored to the needs of the animals. The materials used are durable and robust, and the digital output of the system provides me with the daily feed intake and growth of the animals. This way, we work much more efficiently and we can monitor productivity by optimising the feed conversion.
Joost Beel

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