Suma Internacional is our new distributor for pig farm equipment in Mexico

5 October 2023

Mexico has a pig-meat production deficit of about 30-40%, this deficit is supplied by pork meat coming from the USA, and therefore US pork meat in Mexico has a big influence on Mexican pig price. Many pig producers in Mexico are looking to increase their production to avoid imported meat, and at the same time to increase their exports to Asia. Suma Internacional is an established name in the Mexican pork industry. Together with Roxell's high-quality and performant farm equipment for pig products, they want to respond to the increased demand for Mexican pork.

Roxell is a well-known brand name in Mexico in the poultry industry, but with little presence in pigs. They offer high-quality products and excellent technical support. These are values shared by Suma and Roxell. With this cooperation, we want to strengthen Roxell's position in the Mexican pork industry and let our customers experience the quality of their products.
Efrain Magdaleno, Sales & marketing Suma Internacional
32 years of experience in the Mexican pork industry

With 32 years of experience in the Mexican pork industry gives Suma Internacional has a very good name recognition. Good and reliable customer support has been a key to achieve long-term relationships with their customers. With highly trained in-house technicians, they can offer excellent technical support and post sales service.

Suma has a team of 26 people and more than 60 workers on the field. With a location in central Mexico (Guadalajara) and Southern Mexico (Merida), they can supply pig equipent and support in the entire country.