Investing in Multifast batch feeding system for pigs: very cost-effective

15 May 2020

The pig sector is by definition an innovative sector, and our customers are great examples of this. British pig farmer Charlie Thompson’s motto is “always keep innovating”.


He recently began using the Multifast™ batch feeding system which pig farmer, Charlie, dubbed a “state-of-the-art feeding system” in an interview with Pig World. The new system has allowed Charlie to tailor feeding to individual pens and maximise Feed Conversion Efficiency (FCE).  This optimized regime is resulting in big savings on feed costs. So much so that he has already earned back his investment in Multifast. Let’s take a look at the data.

Data analysis is key

Charlie Thomson’s pig company in Northampton (UK) is Bridge House Farm. The brief was simple: Charlie wanted a feed system that would allow him to analyse data accurately, so he could see which pigs and diets were performing the best, to help influence his management decisions. He spoke to the pig specialist at E Collinson & Co Ltd and the Multifast batch feeding system from Roxell was recommended.

What is the Multifast batch feeding system?
  • Multifast handles the weighing, mixing and transportation of very accurately measured batches of feed.
  • Multifast feeds in phases to provide a systematic transition to a different type of feed. You can feed much more precisely, according to the actual needs of the animal.
  • The system is basically a feed kitchen. You decide which feed components to use. Mix raw materials that you have produced yourself and supplement them with pre-mixed feed to create the right composition.  

Why is the return so impressive?

Charlie Thompson knows the average weight of each sow pen. He regularly weighs his sows and compares this data with the ideal growth curve. Depending on the result, the feed composition and quantity can be adjusted per pen on a daily basis. These tailored adjustments pay off. 

Feed constitutes a large expense for livestock companies. By providing much more precise feed portions, the cost of feed decreases and the company becomes much more profitable.
Charlie Thompson

With Multifast, Charlie Thompson saved 5 pence (GBP) of feed per young sow per day.

These are feed savings of 36,500 pounds (GBP) per year

as the company has over 2000 young sows. With numbers like these, it goes without saying that Charlie is very satisfied with Roxell’s batch feeding system. On average, pig farmers earn back their investment in Multifast in one year.

Pioneer of electronic data

Charlie is also a pioneer of new technology at his pig farm. “Each piglet at my company gets an EID tag in its ear six hours after birth. This allows us to track their progress in detail. It makes every task at the company a lot easier.” The ear tag contains an electronic identification chip (EID). This means you can walk around the pens with a handheld computer and pull up data about each sow (data such as the father, mother, date of birth, vaccinations, growth etc.).

The EID ear tag will continue to prove useful throughout the entire life of the sow. Later, when the animal is fertile, an electronic feeding station (ESF) such as Fidos™ can also read the ear tags and provide valuable information about eating patterns. 

Learn more about the Multifast batch feeding system

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