Shenandoah® individual nest for broiler breeders

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Shenandoah automatic nest with individual compartments for a US-style/Louisiana-style house

The Shenandoah® individual nest is an automatic system for Louisiana-style (US style) broiler breeder houses. With this type of set-up, the house is typically two-thirds full with slats, with the rest serving as a free-range area. Shenandoah is the first individual nest ever to be developed. Discover why Shenandoah has set the standard for years.

A trendsetter with a solid reputation

Features of the Shenandoah nest

Hygiene in the nest and on the egg belt

Trains females when to use the nest

close the nest before you switch the light off, using the Shenandoah opening and closing system. You can do this automatically by setting a timer yourself. This makes for a cleaner nest and eggs – results that boost performance. 

Antibiotic-free hatching eggs

the perforated plastic egg belt prevents infections from hazardous organisms, so the warm, fresh eggs cannot be contaminated.

Individual nest with two types of egg belts

egg belt in polyester with layer of plastic

stretch-proof material, which keeps the egg belt’s tension constant and requires little maintenance.

    an egg belt is situated on both sides of the nest. The automatic egg belt is easier to reach with your hand. If there’s a power cut, you can still collect the eggs manually. 
    the egg belt is situated in the middle of the nest, with nesting space on both sides of the belt. This set-up is most suitable for the chickens’ natural nesting behavior. After an egg is laid, it rolls to the back of the egg belt on its own.

Save time collecting eggs

Link nests to each other

the system uses a central egg collection system and conveyor belts that intersect each other.

Want to find out more about Shenandoah, the individual nest for broiler breeders? Download the specifications or see our news section and our references.

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