A first introduction to layers goes smoothly thanks to Sodimel

The layer house at Jérémy Mehat is unique for 2 reasons. For Jérémy it’s a first introduction to poultry. And for Roxell, this is the first customer to start using the new Koozii® nest.


Jérémy and Élodi Mehat wanted to expand their dairy farm in Béganne with layers. Though no one at the company had experience with poultry, they got off to a flying start with their first layers. 

Their introduction to the sector began when house installer Sodimel took them to visit various poultry houses. During these visits, the budding poultry farmer gathered information from other poultry companies. Jérémy Mehat gained a good overview of the different house systems on the market in France.

Based on these visits, Jérémy chose Roxell’s systems.

Better finished products
When you compare the house systems, the difference is obvious: Roxell’s products are much better finished. We had confidence in them, so we chose Roxell’s group nest, LaiCa™ feeder pan, feed transport and drinking system. And we’re thoroughly pleased with this decision. We’re very satisfied with the installation and support we received from Sodimel and Roxell.
Jérémy Mehat
layers community nest koozii 2-tier with slats group nest
First customer for the new Koozii nest

The installation was also an important moment for the Roxell team. Jérémy Mehat is the first poultry farmer to start using the new generation of Koozii® group nest. In July 2020, a new Koozii nest was launched, which builds on the previous model. Jérémy was eager to jump on board. “Better to have the first of the new version, than the last of the old one. As a young company, I want to stay up to date with the latest technologies.” 

Sodimel carried out the installation very competently. Since it was a new product, Roxell was also on hand during the installation. They kept an eye on the proceedings. You can tell that this is a manufacturer that prioritizes service and quality.
Diversification for a higher income

In addition to 50 dairy cows, Jérémy and Élodi Mehat now have a house with 20,000 free-range layers. “This new building generates a nice bit of extra income each month, while the management of it (once we’d got the hang of it) is not a full-time job. This is the model we were searching for: an expansion of our activities with extra income,” explains Jérémy Mehat.