Turkey house tests the new feeder pans: “good work, Roxell!”

In Heuvelland, a municipality located in the Belgian province of West Flanders, Alex Casteele and his wife Inge started up a farm in 1994. The combination of dairy cattle and turkeys results in a busy but also pleasantly varied activity schedule.In 2001 the turkey production capacity was more than doubled. With the construction of a new house the total capacity was increased to 16,000 turkeys.

Better feed conversion
Last year, Roxell installed the new Titan™ pans at our farm. Since then, we've used them for 3 flocks. The first thing you notice when you compare the old pan with the new pan is the difference in size. The new feeder pan is much larger, which is noticeable in the houses as more animals are able to feed at once. I've also noticed an increase in feed intake, because the larger pans result in the turkeys spilling less feed. The previous flocks also had improved feed conversions and, therefore, better end weights.
Alex Casteele

"In addition, these pans seem more durable, since the connection to the tube is very sturdy. When cleaning the Titan, we click open the bottom pan. It stays attached on one side and is therefore easy to thoroughly clean with a pressure washer. My wife is particularly pleased with this system. There's no more manual work involved and we get it done much quicker. And with the central control system, I can easily adjust the feed level."

"We've always been fans of Roxell products and this new Titan pan certainly lives up to our expectations. Good work, Roxell!" 


Challenge for the sector

As president of the Belgian Association of Turkey Farmers, Alex knows the ins and outs of the turkey market better than anyone else.

Belgium has 25 turkey farmers and cannot fall back on foundations and experiences from the past. The challenge for the sector therefore lies mainly in knowledge sharing. Starting small and careful monitoring is the message.