Dos7® dispenser

Dos7 dispenser for automatic, individual feeding of sows

Dos7® is an automatic dispenser for individual feeding of sows. With this feeding system, you can feed every sow at the same time. No waiting around to eat means animals are happier and stress-free. 

Precise, simultaneous feeding for healthy and harmonious animals

What also makes Dos7 one-of-a-kind is the timing of filling the feeding lines and reservoirs – not between two meal times, but during feeding itself. The feed is transported and dispenser is filled without you even noticing. Then, once it is time for feeding again, the feed is ready and distributed simultaneously. 

Perfect timing and calmer sows, all thanks to an automated system.



Features of the Dos7 dispenser for sows

For calmer sows during feeding

Feed distributed silently and simultaneously

Sows don’t have to wait anxiously for the next feed. 

Optimal timing of feeding lines and reservoirs filling

This makes the Dos7 an invaluable asset. Feeding lines and reservoirs are filled during feeding itself, not between two meal times, in a process that goes unnoticed by the sows. 


Precision feeding for optimal animal management

    A feed regulator allows you to adjust the volume of each feeder in increments of 10 cl. You can set individual portions and add supplements or medication where necessary. Each feeder has a convenient dispenser hatch.
100 % feed outflow

The feed portion is fed out of the reservoir in its entirety, thanks to the round shape of the dispenser and the cone shape at the bottom, plus an internal mechanism that breaks down any blockages.

Flexible feeding times

The automated feeding system allows you to set the number of feeding times. With Dos7, you can have multiple feeding times in one day without creating any more work.

Durable, sturdy, and easy to clean

Polypropylene with UV protection

The dispenser is made out of robust materials for a long service life. Dos7 can also be easily opened at a few crucial points, so you can reach the parts that require thorough cleaning.

For use in group or individual housing 

Dos7 automatic dispenser is perfect for:

  • Houses with small groups of sows of similar shapes
  • Insemination periods
  • Gestation periods
  • Farrowing houses    

Want to find out more about Dos7, the feed dispenser for sows? Download the specifications or see our news section and our references.

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A lot of flexibility
The Dos7 installation has a very high-performance and fully automated opening system. It gives the farmer a lot of flexibility in the number of meals and timing. This also gives them a good time saving. The Dos7 has a pear-shaped connection that prevents feed loss. 2 Roxell Discaflex circuits fill the feeding system. And all of that helps give each animal the alloted quantity of feed at the right moment.
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