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Fidos intelligent dispenser for the individual feeding of sows in farrowing and insemination houses

Fidos™ farrowing is a intelligent, electronic dispenser for the individual feeding of sows. With this feeding system you can focus on the individual feed requirements of a sow. The focus of Fidos farrowing is creating a fine-tuned eating process that stimulates milk production and keeps the sow at the right weight. This results in piglets that grow more consistently and reach a higher weaning weight. Because a fit, stress-free sow means the piglets get the best start in life. 

Precise, individual feeding for higher milk production and optimal piglet growth

You can also use Fidos electronic feeding as a feeding system in the gestation house and insemination house. This ensures a better sow condition in every stage of the cycle. By using Fidos in the farrowing, insemination and gestation houses, you also collect data in one program. You gather data over the entire cycle, so you can analyze, compare and make decisions. Read more about Fidos gestation and Fidos insemination



Features of Fidos farrowing

Precise, individual feeding of sows in the farrowing house

stress-free eating without waiting

every farrowing pen is fitted with a cone-shaped dispenser. This design provides the best guarantee that the feed ration will fully drop from the dispenser and that the sows can eat without having to wait.

fit sows at the end of the suckling period

the feed curve in the software gradually increases the feed volume, so you have a fit and healthy sow at the end of the suckling period. You can always make adjustments along the way.

follow the trend of feeding smaller rations

increase the daily feed intake of a sow by feeding (small) rations at regular intervals throughout the day. The sow never feels as if she has overeaten and her energy and blood counts are more stable. Every time the sow eats, she will drink and ultimately produce more milk.

all feed types and always fresh feed

whichever two feed types you choose – from mash to pellets – it will flow smoothly through the wide dispenser opening. The dispenser drops feed at a slow rate for an eating speed of 200 grams per minute. This rate can also be adjusted. The feed is therefore always fresh.

Less manual work with electronic feeding

feed curve in the software

you no longer need to make manual adjustments to your dispensers. During your daily inspections, you can use a smartphone, tablet or handheld terminal with a scanner to display the feed curve and make immediate changes in the system.

5 tools to simplify your daily work
  1. LED light: indicates the status of the motor (per dispenser or per compartment)
  2. dosing auger: automatically clears any potential feed blockages
  3. large circumference of the dispenser opening: prevents blockages with fine types of feed
  4. transparent body: you can quickly see what is happening inside the dispenser 
  5. hatch at the front of the dispenser: insert an additive or clean the inside.

Smart dispenser for good decision-making

analyses of your farrowing house

the electronic dispenser is linked to software, which also has a web interface. Using the Fidos software, you can manage the data centrally from a PC. You can view the records and analyze the reports. 

analysis of the full cycle of a sow

by using Fidos in the gestation house and insemination house, you can collect data in one program, which makes it easy to manage. For example, you can find out how much feed a sow eats in a cycle and how much sow feed is needed to produce one piglet. The data can confirm your hunches or lead to new insights.

Want to find out more about Fidos farrowing for sows? Download the specifications or see our news section and our references.



sows electronic feeding system fidos inseminsation dispenser
Fidos™ insemination, your feeding system during the insemination phase

With Fidos™ insemination, you can take care of a number of feed requirements that are specific to the insemination phase.  We use the electronic dispenser for the farrowing house because you can make a fast and flexible transition to another type of feed. 

Before insemination, pig farmers often feed a sugar-rich feed to control the sow’s hormonal system. By providing the insemination feed for a short period of time and in large volumes, you stimulate heat (flushing). Immediately after the insemination, you should switch to a gestation feed, which contains more fat. Providing the right type of feed, at the right time and in the right quantities is something that Fidos insemination can help you with, without resulting in extra manual labor for you. A special Y connector makes it quick to switch between feed types.

Want to find out more about Fidos insemination? Download the specifications of the electronic dispenser for the farrowing house.

Interested in the product specifications?

Download a handy overview with technical information.

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