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Animal Welfare

Fidos electronic feeding station for sows in group housing

Fidos™ gestation is an electronic feeding station for the individual feeding of sows. It is the leading feeding system for sows in group housing. Pigs can wander around in the house, with areas for relaxing, eating, and exercising. They are free to eat whenever they want. They receive feed automatically when they enter the feeding station. The feeding station first reads the RFID chip in the eartag to identify the pig. Then the sow is given the feed that is intended for it.

Precise, individual feeding for stress-free sows in group housing

You can also use Fidos electronic feeding as a feeding system in the farrowing house and insemination house. This ensures a better sow condition in every stage of the cycle. By using Fidos in the farrowing, insemination and gestation houses, you also collect data in one program. You gather data over the entire cycle, so you can analyze, compare and make decisions. Read more about Fidos farrowing and Fidos insemination



Features of Fidos gestation

Precise, individual feeding and tailored feeding pattern

exact quantities and feed type per sow

you can set the feed volume on a feed curve, which can be individually programmed for each sow. You can offer two types of feed. The feeding station knows which type of feed the sow needs by reading the eartag. 

water in the feeding trough

water is pumped into the trough during feeding. This makes it easier for the sows to eat.  

Respect for the animals’ health and well-being

invest in stable groups

with Fidos gestation, Roxell is encouraging a transition to stable sow groups. That means housing a single group in the same stage of pregnancy, with no new sows introduced in the interim. This continuity is good for ensuring calm in the group, and makes comparing animals easier. The Fidos electronic feeding station is intended for pig farms that work with these stable groups.

detect abnormal feeding behavior

the Fidos software automatically records feeding data for each sow. It is easy to spot unusual feeding behavior in good time. If a sow loses its eartag, then you will be alerted. However, a sow that cannot be identified by the feeding system will still be given a minimum amount of food.

Circular concept for fit sows 

create a circulation system in the house

the sows follow a specific walking route because they cannot leave the feeding station through the same way that they came in. The circulation route can be implemented in the entire house by arranging the drinking, exercise and rest areas in a logical sequence after the sows leave the feeding station. 

heat detection with an antenna on the pen

if a sow stays in the boar’s pen for too long, Fidos records this behavior.

Smart feeding station for good decision-making

analyses of your gestation house

the electronic feeding station is linked to software, which also has a web interface. Using the Fidos software, you can manage the data centrally from a PC. You can view the records and analyze the reports. Scan eartags with a handheld terminal to adjust feed curves in the house itself. You can even manage each individual sow if desired. 

analysis of the full cycle of a sow

by using Fidos in the farrowing house and insemination house, you can collect data in one program, which makes it easy to manage. For example, you can find out how much feed a sow eats in a cycle and how much sow feed is needed to produce one piglet. The data can confirm your hunches or lead to new insights.

Want to find out more about Fidos gestation for sows? Download the specifications or see our news section and our references.

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sows electronic feeding system fidos inseminsation dispenser
Fidos™ insemination, your feeding system during the insemination phase

With Fidos™ insemination, you can take care of a number of feed requirements that are specific to the insemination phase.  We use the electronic dispenser for the farrowing house because you can make a fast and flexible transition to another type of feed. 

Before insemination, pig farmers often feed a sugar-rich feed to control the sow’s hormonal system. By providing the insemination feed for a short period of time and in large volumes, you stimulate heat (flushing). Immediately after the insemination, you should switch to a gestation feed, which contains more fat. Providing the right type of feed, at the right time and in the right quantities is something that Fidos insemination can help you with, without resulting in extra manual labor for you. A special Y connector makes it quick to switch between feed types.

Want to find out more about Fidos insemination? Download the specifications of the electronic dispenser for the farrowing house.

Interested in the product specifications?

Download a handy overview with technical information.

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