Bridomat™ trough feeding system

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Bridomat trough feeding system for broiler breeders, automatic feeding for females

Bridomat™ is an automatic trough feeding system for broiler breeders that lay fertilized eggs from 18 weeks. The feeding line with trough eliminates selective feed pecking, a common problem with other feeding systems such as chain feeders. An auger within the Bridomat trough mixes the feed and rapidly distributes it through the house. This prevents chickens from eating during the feed distribution. The auger ultimately produces a balanced and even feed composition for every broiler breeder.

Targeted feeding for females in a mixed house with males

Features of the Bridomat trough feeding system

Exactly the right feed composition

Auger designed for optimal feed distribution

the auger that distributes the feed throughout the trough has another useful function. It rotates and mixes the feed while it is being shifted. When it stops, a consistent feed portion is ready for each chicken. The auger shape then distributes the feed automatically in small feed compartments. 

Separate feed for males and females

opt for a version with a grille or a roller tube to prevent roosters from eating with the hens. For males, you can also opt for the Boozzter™ feeder pan.


Prevent feed spillages

    the special deep shape of the trough prevents feed from being wasted. 

Increased capacity for chickens 

14 to 15 chickens per meter

the Bridomat auger feeding system has a larger capacity than a comparable chain feeding system.

Want to find out more about Bridomat, the feeding trough for female broiler breeders? Download the specifications or see our news section and our references.

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