Service, a responsibility Roxell takes seriously

You receive an extensive warranty on the products you purchase from Roxell. For example, we have a 10-year warranty on the wear resistance of the augers in the transport system and the plastic in the feeder pans (as described in our general sales conditions). This speaks volumes about the level of quality of the products that our distributors install at your site. 


Extensive warranty and international technical support 

But Roxell does more than just develop and sell quality products. We provide excellent support for our products. We invest in customer service and support for distributors. If you have specific questions or a complaint, Roxell service is ready to respond. The Technical Support department analyses the situation and finds a suitable solution for you.

Service for our customers and distributors

  • availability
    the Roxell Technical Support team is spread across different time zones, so we can quickly respond to your requests.
  • close to the customer 
    a Service Engineer from Roxell will visit your site to investigate the problem and provide a ready-made solution.
  • support for distributors 
    the department continually supports the Roxell distribution network and helps with installations, when necessary. Roxell also provides training for new and existing distributors.
  • spare parts 
    we advise our distributors and customers about the spare parts that are required to keep our systems in optimal condition.