Roxell’s commitment to animal welfare

Roxell has been developing feeding systems for poultry and pigs for over 50 years. So, we have witnessed first-hand the increase in the scale of the sector. Poultry farmers approach Roxell, and continue to do so, because they want to invest in growth and efficiency to meet a rising demand for meat. We have seen awareness of animal welfare increase across the world, among all players in the sector. Roxell is extremely pleased about this. 

However, Roxell has always focused on animal welfare. Because healthy, stress-free animals grow better. 


Animal-friendly products

Roxell’s products — from the laying nests to the feeder pans — are always tailored to the animal and its growing phase. Knowledge and insight into the interaction between the animals and our products is the core of our know-how. The natural behavior and social instincts of chickens and pigs are our starting point when developing new solutions. A few specific examples:

Safety is paramount

Every component that could potentially injure an animal is excluded or adapted. This principle is applied to every product Roxell puts on the market. 

Animal-friendly perch guard

For the sake of the chickens’ welfare, we encourage them not to sit in, or on top of, the pan or drinking cup. We devised an animal-friendly perch guard for this. In this case, two solutions were developed, SPINsoft and a triangular profile.

Natural Beak Smoothing

There is also our animal-friendly and economical alternative to beak treatments. With Natural Beak Smoothing, debeaking chicks is no longer necessary.

CTB’s commitment to animal welfare 

CTB, Inc., the group that owns Roxell, also has a clear vision for animal welfare. Read the charter of our parent company here.