Roxell introduces: Natural Beak Smoothing!

20 March 2018

You've probably heard us mention this product during the past two years. Roxell’s Natural Beak Smoothing concept, an animal-friendly and economical alternative to beak treatments. The product has recently undergone extensive testing at poultry farms. We are now ready to launch this incredibly innovative product.


What is Natural Beak Smoothing?

Roxell has intergrated a rough structure into the bottom pan of the existing feeder pans for broiler breeders.

How does Natural Beak Smoothing work?

Each time the chickens eat, the beaks rub against the rough structure of the bottom pan. As a result, the beak growth is controlled naturally and the chickens develop well-formed beaks.

Smoothing, Saving, Performing

Beak treatments are no longer necessary. This method offers significant advantages and is revolutionary for the poultry sector. The animals are subjected to less stress, mortality among chicks is reduced and there is less feed waste. Moreover, this Roxell product will pay for itself within two years.

The poultry industry has never been more ready to adopt solutions that improve animal welfare. The response from the market has therefore been unanimously positive.


Please contact your area sales manager. He will be happy to answer any questions you have about Natural Beak Smoothing.