Innovation, a cornerstone of Roxell’s corporate culture

An insight into the development of new products and innovation

Innovation is in Roxell’s DNA. Our innovation is the result of many different elements. We closely follow the market trends, we talk to distributors and we consult poultry and pig companies. This input is the foundation for each of our product developments. 


Although only 10% of our employees work in the innovation department, really, everyone at Roxell is involved in innovation. From the idea to the end product: innovation can be found throughout our entire company.

We’d like to give you a look behind the scenes at how Roxell succeeds each year in launching high-quality, innovative products on the market.

Infrastructure for innovation

All the design and development phases of a new product are carried out internally. This way, we can guarantee that every step in the process is carried out thoroughly. For example, an important phase is the creation of the molds. Carrying out tests — first internally in the Roxell Innovations Center and later externally in test houses — is also crucial. We learn a great deal from this. We are fully equipped to carry out every step in the innovation process. 

The machine park in the Innovation department includes:

  • an environmental chamber
  • an injection molding machine
  • a 3D printer for fast prototypes
  • 5-axis milling machines
  • thermal imaging cameras

The result: a new product whose materials, operation and performance have been exhaustively tested by Roxell.

Processes for electromechanics, thermodynamics and software

Roxell’s developments can be divided into 3 areas: electromechanics, thermodynamics and software. The design of electromagnetic products and devices for climate control is the responsibility of a team of engineers. They work according to a standardized design process and clear milestones.

A software team is responsible for the development of controllers, apps and ‘smart’ devices. This project team determines the direction and content of software developments. The actual programming is carried out by long-term software partners who are deployed to us. Together they carry out a process using the scrum framework and we ‘sprint’ our way to the end product.

This means every new product is created using a clearly defined process, which creates a foundation for the level of quality we wish to achieve. 

This is an overview of how innovation at Roxell works. But there is so much more involved.

Certification and standards worldwide

Worldwide, greater emphasis is being placed on certification and standards and our Innovation department is also paying more attention to them. The team has amassed in-depth knowledge of regulations and standards. Our certified expert ensures that we take the necessary legal steps during the design and implementation phases. In addition, they also draft technical construction files and maintain them for the duration of the product’s lifespan. By keeping in contact with professional associations, they stay informed of legislative changes.

Groundbreaking patents

A few Roxell patents can be considered groundbreaking in the world of poultry:

  • We gave a standard round feeder pan an oval shape = more feeding places with the same surface area. 
  • A fixed grill opening became an adjustable feed opening = able to feed females and males separately with ease
  • A curved bottom pan became a stepped bottom pan = improved feed intake and no spillage. 
  • A typical round heating element was turned into heating with a wide, square radiation pattern = heating that radiates precisely from wall to wall, reaching all corners. 
  • Natural beak smoothing for chickens with Natural Beak Smoothing = debeaking is no longer necessary.

There are just a few of our patents. We utilized these patents in most of our solutions. The result: a unique set of house systems that you will not find at any of our competitors.



Groundbreaking innovations Roxell has created over the years:

  • Feeder pan shape
    from round to oval. An oval pan uses space much more efficiently than a round pan.
  • Natural Beak Smoothing
    a sharp beak is naturally and painlessly smoothed.
  • MiniMax feed windows
    a huge improvement in efficiency for broiler farmers.
  • Feed volume in tubes higher than feed volume in pan
    the result is that broiler breeders are fed at exactly the same time. Improves stress levels in the house. 
  • Cleaning feature 
    the MiniMax and CoMeo feeder pans are easier to open and clean without water entering the feeding tube. 
  • Built-in, wear-resistant pecking zone
    2 materials, metal and plastic, in 1 component. A growing layer that has not been debeaked will no longer damage the bottom of the pan due to the metal area of the pan. 
  • Heating with an innovative shape
    while a round heating element was the norm, Roxell patented a square infrared heater. More efficient due to the shape, but also better performing. The structure, the heat that it radiates, the combustion principle: this combination of factors makes Roxell’s QuadRadiant® heating unique.