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Natural Beak Smoothing

Vitoo feeder pan, specially designed for rearing broiler breeders

Vitoo™ is an automatic, oval pan feeding system for rearing broiler breeders. Vitoo is unique in its class, as the only feeder pan on the market that has been specially developed for the first 18 weeks of growth. What is special about the pan is that it automatically delivers feed to day-old chicks. After all, manual feeding – even in the first few days of a new flock – can be cumbersome. Read on to find out why.

Features of the Vitoo feeder pan

Automatic feeding from day one

Feeder pan divided by build of young broiler breeders

a low pan and wide grille opening ensure that day-old chicks can access their feed easily. In their first few days, they can climb effortlessly into the pan to feed. After a few days, the chicks can gather neatly around the pan.

Feed delivered up to the top edge

with Vitoo, the pan is filled all the way to the top. Day-old chicks can find their feed straight away. Feeding chicks manually, using chickpaper or special feeder pans, is a thing of the past. Save your time and effort.


Natural Beak Smoothing

    Roxell has integrated a rough structure into the bottom of the Vitoo feeder pan. When the chickens eat, their beaks rub against the rough texture of the pan bottom, which controls the growth of their beaks in a natural way. As a result, the chickens develop well formed beaks. No need to debeak them at all. More about Natural Beak Smoothing.

Excellent feed distribution for top consistency 

Additional focus on feed distribution

two things are crucial to achieve optimal consistency during rearing: delivering the exact feed volume and filling the pan quickly and simultaneously. The Vitoo feeder pan scores top marks on both points. Small daily feed portions from 35 grams are also no problem. This allows the feeding plan recommended by breeding companies to be followed closely.

Cost-saving solution

Save on feed

a double feed trough in the bottom pan of the Vitoo pan feeding system collects any feed spilled. In practice, this slows down the eating rate and ultimately has a positive effect on the uniformity of the flock.

Save on space

Roxell has developed multiple innovative concepts for the poultry sector in recent decades. One of them is the oval feeder pan. Compared to round pans, an oval pan is more efficient in terms of space usage. We would be happy to offer a demonstration.


Get off to an easy start and achieve uniformity for your chicks

Want to find out more about Vitoo, the feeder pan for rearing broiler breeders? Download the specifications or see our news section and our references.

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Quality products you can count on
We have been using Roxell systems at our farm since 1999,” says Jan Hoving. “They’re high-quality products you can count on. Roxell doesn’t just put any old product on the market. A product like Natural Beak Smoothing is a meticulously thought-out solution to a real and current problem.
Jan Hoving

Interested in the product specifications?

Download a handy overview with technical information.

Looking for the user manual?

Download a manual with information about the use and maintenance.

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