White paper: making an informed choice on a new beak treatment strategy

5 January 2022

Many poultry integrations and hatcheries have stopped or are about to discontinue infrared beak treatments and hot blade debeaking. Often because of legislation, but also increasingly because companies are starting to think differently about animal welfare. Still, there is concern about discontinuing beak treatment without an alternative. This white paper highlights all aspects of this topic and helps you make an informed choice for a new beak treatment strategy.

About the white paper:
A new strategy for animal-friendly beak treatments in broiler breeders

For 5 years, Roxell studied the evolution of beak growth in broiler breeders. The aim was to market a successful alternative to beak treatment. A solution that is durable, animal-friendly and economical. The result is Natural Beak Smoothing, a metal insert with a rough structure built into the feeding system. 

Discover the difference:

Numerous poultry farms put this to the test allowing us to compare several flocks from day-old chicks to the end of laying. This provided a multitude of data which we have now combined in a white paper. Discover the difference between infrared beak treatments and Natural Beak Smoothing in terms of:

  • evolution shape of beak-
  • mortality rate
  • feed savings
  • body weight
  • uniformity
  • egg production
  • fertility
  • return