Pig equipment with automated systems for piglets and meat pigs

Choose a pig system that is right for your animals’ age, climate, and lodging.

Roxell’s pig equipment systems provide the best conditions for piglets to grow. A Roxell trough for piglets and meat pigs is not just any trough. We produce round troughs with plenty of space to eat, a stock buffer, and water nipples. This encourages natural, social interaction between the pigs, promoting healthy growth.

Save on costs, thanks to the high performance of Roxell systems. This reliable, durable, and efficient method prevents raw materials, energy, and investment from being wasted. Use them around the clock – day and night – to achieve small savings every day, which amount to a significant saving in the long term. 

Excellent results
The Roxell systems enable me to optimise the management of my houses. Each step in the feeding process is tailored to the needs of the animals. The materials used are durable and robust, and the digital output of the system provides me with the daily feed intake and growth of the animals. This way, we work much more efficiently and we can monitor productivity by optimising the feed conversion.
Joost Beel

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