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Animal Welfare

LaiCa feeder pan, for maximum egg production for commercial layers

LaiCa™ is an automatic pan feeding system for chickens that lay eggs for consumption from 18 weeks. A feeding circuit with LaiCa pans is one of the most compact feeding solutions on the market. Thanks to the pan’s oval shape, the feeding points are spacious and there is more space to run around in the house. The benefit of the extra floor space gained should not be underestimated.

Make the most of your floor space with a space-saving feeding system 

A feeder pan prevents selective feeding and an unbalanced feed composition, a common problem in chain feeders. 

Compact, yet highly efficient. Let us introduce you to LaiCa.



Features of the LaiCa feeder pan

Twice as much feeding space than a chain system

Unobstructed feeding line

the oval pan offers the most number of feeding points per running meter. Your layers have fewer difficulties to get to their nest and have more room to run around. Feeding points are also spacious. That’s what makes Roxell systems different. We would be happy to show you how LaiCa is twice as efficient than a chain feeder in terms of space.

Balance feed composition for every chicken  

Patented, stepped feeder pan

prevents selective pecking and spillages. Because to achieve the best egg production, you need to have the right feed composition. With LaiCa, hens get the feed that they need.


Animal welfare

    a perch guard profile discourages hens from sitting exactly above the feeder pan. The rest of the feeding tube can be used freely for perching.
Conforms to animal welfare standards

Roxell systems conform to EU legislation on animal welfare. The LaiCa feeding line also complies with KAT regulations, which go even further.

*KAT is a body that oversees the origin and traceability of eggs from alternative methods in Germany and neighboring European countries.

Versatile applications

Floor housing or organic egg production

the LaiCa automatic pan feeding system is designed for poultry farms with a barn, free range, or organic egg production set-up.

Suitable for layer breeders

the LaiCa feeder pan is highly suitable for feeding layer breeders.

Want to find out more about LaiCa, the feeder pan for layers during egg production? Download the specifications or see our news section and our references.

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Optimal results
Thinking out of the box and combining my farming experience with the advice of my network will bring me to an optimal result. I expect a peak of more than 90% in egg production for this first flock.

Interested in the product specifications?

Download a handy overview with technical information.

Looking for the user manual?

Download a manual with information about the use and maintenance.

Interested in the LaiCa feeder pan?

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