Le Roozzt™ perch system

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Le Roozzt™ modular perching system with perches for your commercial layers

Le Roozzt™ is a modular perching system for commercial layers. The system creates a structure with perches, so hens have a safe area to relax. A perching system reduces stress in chickens. During rearing, hens learn to jump and fly – skills that ultimately help them to reach the nest more easily. That results in fewer floor eggs. Le Roozzt is a terrific addition to your poultry house.

Enhance your laying house with a comfortable space for your commercial layers to rest

Features of the Le Roozzt modular perching system

Sturdy modular system with perches

Tailored to conditions in your house

the perching system offers the flexibility that you need. 

Durable materials

galvanized tubes, high-quality polypropylene connection pieces, and a system that prevents tipping over. Le Roozzt is a reliable and robust solution. 

Easy to clean

Winch or move outside

two different options to clean a house with the Le Roozzt system. The system itself can be easily cleaned with a high-pressure hose, without dismantling anything.

Animal-friendly and hygienic 

Comfortable and no sharp edges

hens have a safe and pleasant place to rest.

Hygienic materials

the materials used repel insects such as the red mite. 

Want to find out more about Le Roozzt, the modular perching system nest for commercial layers? Download the specifications or see our news section and our references.

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Peak in egg production
The results of the past two flocks exceed all expectations. We achieve a 97% peak in egg production. When collecting the first flock at an age of 76 weeks, the laying percentage was still 87%; the second flock ended at 80 weeks with 83%. Our feed consumption varies between 134 and 138 g. And the financial results are equally impressive.

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Download a manual with information about the use and maintenance.

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